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In an interview preview clip with ‘The Daily Show’, President Joe Biden said that Florida’s efforts, led by Governor Ron DeSantis (R-FL), to protect children from transgenderism are “close to sinful.”

“Transgender kids is a really harder thing,” Biden said during the interview. “What’s going on in Florida, as my mother would say, close to sinful. I mean, it’s just terrible what they are doing.”

“It’s not like a kid wakes up one morning and says, you know, I decided I want to become a man or I want to become a woman, or I want to change,” the president argued. “I mean, what are they thinking about here? They’re human beings. They love, they have feelings, they have inclinations that are I mean, it just to me is I don’t know, it’s cruel.”

“And the way we do it is we make sure we pass legislation like we passed on same-sex marriage,” Biden stated. “You mess with that, you’re breaking the law and you’re going to be held accountable.”

In response to Biden’s claims, Governor DeSantis responded via Twitter, writing, “It is not ‘sinful’ to prohibit the mutilation of minors. It is not acceptable for the federal government to mandate that procedures like sex change operations be allowed for kids.”

In addition to the strong rebuke of Biden’s claims, the DeSantis War Room put out a video with President Biden’s interview clip side-by-side with images of gruesome transgender surgeries.

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You can watch the video below, however, viewer discretion is advised:

This isn’t the first time that DeSantis has taken to the frontlines in defense of Florida children. As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, Governor DeSantis’ office announced Tuesday morning that his administration will be revoking the alcohol license of the Hyatt Regency Miami hotel after the establishment hosted a “sexually explicit show with children present.”

The DeSantis administration filed a complaint with the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation which manages the various licenses that businesses need to operate.

The complaint explains that the show, which took place on December 27th, was advertised as welcoming “all ages” and did not warn attendees of the sexual nature of the show.

Governor DeSantis is willing to stand up to protect the children of his state and he is setting an example for governors across the country to do the same.

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