'This Is A Violent Act': Transgender Athlete Has MELTDOWN After British Cycling Makes Decision To Ban 'Trans Women' From Female Category

On Friday, following a nine month policy review, the British Cycling governing body made the smart decision to protect the integrity of female sporting events by banning any transgender athletes from competing in competitions to “safeguard the fairness” of the events. 

Per Reuters, the body released new rules that will come into effect in 2023 that divide cyclists into the categories of “female” and “open.” The decision goes against that of the International Cycling Union (UCI), which currently allows biological men to compete as long as they’ve been on hormones for a certain amount of time. The decision from UCI may be changed as the body is currently reviewing the policy and will announce its results in August.

The female category will only allow those assigned females at birth to participate, so long as they’re not transgender men who have begun hormone therapy. The open category encapsulates the rest, including biological men, transgender men and women, and those who are non-binary but are just biological men. 

As one would expect, transgender athletes are displeased with their inability to ruin female sporting events. Emily Bridges, a biological male, released a statement on his Instagram crying about his inability to compete against women in sporting events. Bridges made the ludicrous claims that British Cycling is a “failed organization” and “[has] no authority to control this conversation anymore.”

Bridges even notes at the end that his statement is outrageous, stating, “I hope the media have fun cherry-picking quotes from this and making me look hysterical,” but frankly if anyone were to read the statement in full it’s hard to believe anything besides blatant hysteria from the delusional man. When you’re calling the act of protecting females from biological men in sporting events “a violent act” and claiming Florida is a “fascist state which kidnaps children,” how would you expect the media to call you anything but hysterical?
Transgender athletes seem to equate anything that goes against their delusional lifestyle as a “violent act” and that simply banning them from ruining women’s sporting events will somehow cause physical harm to them. To be clear, British Cycling has not banned transgender athletes from competing in cycling events, they just have to participate in the open category as opposed to the female category.

So this alarmist idea that British Cycling (and for some reason, she’s stuck on Ron DeSantis’ involvement) is coming to “genocide” transgenders by fighting to create a safe space for biological women is utterly ridiculous. 

The hoops transgender and their advocates jump through to fight for their unjust “rights” is deranged. They will happily entirely erode the spaces women have fought to create if it means appeasing the woke mob of mentally ill people who find joy in slicing off their genitals. British Cycling made the right call and, hopefully, other sporting organizations will follow suit. 
  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Markus Spiske / unsplash.com
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