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“Crooked Hillary,” as Former President Donald Trump famously referred to her, participated in an interview with entertainment outlet Variety. She was also joined by her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, to discuss the significance of their newly-announced show on Apple TV+ “Gutsy.”

The interviewer signaled a response from Chelsea, saying:

“Your family was the first great target of Fox News’ approach.”

To which Chelsea replied:

“We were the reason that Fox News was created. Because Rupert Murdoch recognized a great market opportunity.”

The interviewer then began discussing the subject of why they decided to take part in the new show. Former President Bill Clinton’s daughter then expressed the mission of the show, stating:

“Climate change illuminated where Fox News was willing to go and its destructive impact. I’m 42, and when I was in junior high, two-thirds of Americans knew human activity is partly responsible for climate change. The right proved to themselves, ‘We can hit people with relentless misinformation and every night pipe into their homes to disbelieve scientists — what else could be possible?’ Today, with COVID, it’s the same playbook.”


Then the former secretary of state chimed in, telling the interviewer:

There’s an element to this which is quite frustrating, because they get away with it. The so-called mainstream media, even the so-called progressive media, is just not as relentless in rebutting, refuting and making clear that this is nothing but a play for profits at the cost of truth. It might have mattered if one of the other networks for 10 days said, “Do you know one of the very first people to get vaccinated in the U.K. in December of 2020 was Rupert Murdoch? Did you know that Fox News requires all of their employees to be vaccinated?”

Tech companies, the rest of journalism, ordinary people with platforms, we haven’t done enough to point out the dangers, point out the falsehoods, point out the hypocrisy. There is a path to limit the damage they’ve done, but it requires leaders on the side of facts and evidence. We now have that with Biden, and he’s making slow progress in trying to open people’s minds and eyes to what reality actually is.

The Clinton’s resentment towards the Right comes as no surprise. Americans have witnessed the outward spite the family has shown against conservatives for decades since their rise to power. Former Presidential Candidate and revered Democrat Hillary appear to have no plans of pumping the political brakes following her embarrassing loss to President Trump in 2016. Perhaps that failure is what is further fueling her rage for those within the Republican Party.


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