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CNN continues to see its ratings decline as it continues to produce far-left content while losing key audience demographics and alienating large portions of the American public.

A piece published on Thursday showed that despite a new executive leading the charge, only an average of 654,000 viewers are tuning in to CNN each night, according to their June primetime lineup numbers.

During the day, CNN couldn’t even crack 500,000.

The cable news network was once known for taking a more moderate stance but has now broken to the left on almost every major issue: Guns, Climate Change, Donald Trump, Race, Education, Children, Censorship and many more. It also takes a sensationalist approach with its headlines and story narratives, causing people to reach for their remotes or migrate over to the internet entirely. Not to mention the overused “BREAKING NEWS” banner.

Despite a fresh face, Chris Licht at the helm, ratings are still stuck in the gutter. Last month Axios posted a Scoop about the Network reevaluating some of its most recognizable liberal talent and considering them for termination, after Licht took over in May — pledging to change the company culture.


“Licht wants to give personalities that may appear polarizing a chance to prove they’re willing to uphold the network’s values so that they don’t tarnish CNN’s journalism brand,” the Axios article reads.

Axios also obtained a note in which Licht said, “We are truth-tellers, focused on informing, not alarming our viewers.”

CNN’s numbers for June reportedly mark a seven-year low, which by any metric is staggeringly negative and shows them trending in the wrong direction.

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Last Tuesday, AdWeek ran a spread of the top ten cable news shows for Q2 in 2022. Surprisingly Fox News’ “The Five” averaged the most total viewers of any cable news show in Q2, marking three consecutive quarters in the No. 1 spot.

“Tucker Carlson Tonight” took second with 3.23 million total viewers in Q2, followed by “Hannity” at 9 p.m. with 2.73 million. The eight most-watched cable news shows of the entire quarter were all under the Fox News banner.

The only exceptions were MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show” at No. 9. with a 1.8 million total viewer average — and “Anderson Cooper 360” with only 766,000 total viewers in the coveted 8 p.m. timeslot.

The remaining shows that ranked within the top ten are listed below:

  1. Fox News | 5 p.m. / The Five: 3,299,000 / 62 telecasts
  2. Fox News | 8 p.m. / Tucker Carlson Tonight: 3,233,000 / 59 telecasts
  3. Fox News | 9 p.m. / Hannity: 2,726,000 / 55 telecasts
  4. Fox News | 7 p.m./ Jesse Watters Primetime: 2,688,000 / 47 telecasts
  5. Fox News | 6 p.m. / Special Report with Bret Baier: 2,463,000 / 61 telecasts
  6. Fox News | 10 p.m. / The Ingraham Angle: 2,217,000 / 57 telecasts
  7. Fox News | 11 p.m. / Gutfeld!: 1,982,000 / 59 telecasts
  8. Fox News | 12 p.m. / Outnumbered: 1,806,000 / 62 telecasts
  9. MSNBC | 9 p.m. / The Rachel Maddow Show: 1,798,000 / 35 telecasts
  10. Fox News | 9-10 a.m. & 10-11 a.m. / America’s Newsroom: 1,720,000 / 125 telecast

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