The FBI Director Will Be Held In 'Contempt Of Congress': Chairman Comer Takes Action To Force Director Wray To Hand Over Document Alleging Biden's Bribery Scandal

On Wednesday, House Oversight Chair James Comer (R-KY) took significant action to hold FBI Director Christopher Wray in contempt of Congress.

"[Rep. James Comer] threatens to initiate contempt of Congress proceedings if FBI Director Christopher Wray continues to defy his subpoena," the House Oversight's official Twitter account posted. "The FBI has failed to produce the unclassified record that alleges a criminal bribery scheme involving then-Vice President Joe Biden and a foreign national. This record is two weeks past due."


The tweet continued, alleging that "FBI staff indicated the search terms contained in the subpoena were broad because there were many responsive documents containing the term 'Biden' in its confidential human source database for June 2020. Chairman Comer is narrowing the breadth of the subpoena by providing two additional terms that may be referenced in the record: 'June 30, 2020' and 'five million.'"

The tweet concluded with a warning intended to prompt action from FBI Director Wray. 

"If Director Wray fails to produce the record by May 30, 2023, the Oversight Committee will initiate contempt of Congress proceedings. The accountability we promised the American people is coming," the tweet concluded. 

Congressman Comer also took to Twitter to air his grievances. The Kentucky congressman wrote, "FBI Director Wray is defying a congressional subpoena for an unclassified record alleging a criminal scheme involving then-VP Joe Biden and a foreign national. If Director Wray refuses to hand over this record, @GOPoversight will begin contempt of Congress proceedings."

Both sets of tweets had a letter attached to them detailing the demands of the committee. The letter calls the FBI's refusal to comply with the House Oversight Committee "obstructionist" and argues that the files will inform legislative action. 

This comes after it was announced that Director Wray intended to meet with Comer to discuss the House Oversight Committee's investigations into the business dealings of Joe Biden and his family.

As CNN previously reported, "FBI Director Christopher Wray and House Oversight Chairman James Comer are scheduled to meet in the coming days as the Kentucky Republican continues to escalate his investigation into President Joe Biden’s business dealings, a spokesperson for the FBI told CNN."

CNN also quotes Comer as telling Fox News, "I received word that the FBI director is committed to meet with me next week in Washington and we can discuss this... But, nothing’s going to change with respect to holding him in contempt of Congress if he doesn’t turn over the document.”

  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images / Getty Images
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