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Bryan Richardson

Bryan Richardson lives in Texas and attended the University of Texas at Austin.

BREAKING: Missouri Attorney General Launches Lawsuit Against Planned Parenthood For Trafficking Minors - 'This Is The Beginning Of The End For Planned Parenthood'
On Thursday, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey (R-MO) announced an explosive new effort to hold Planned Parenthood accountable for several clear violations of law and decorum, including allegedly transporting minors across state lines without the consent of their parents. This comes after several states have taken decisive action to secure the unborn's right to life, as the radical left pushes forth a radical pro-abortion agenda, even up to the point of birth. We, the people, understand that the right to life is something fundamental, over and above the whims of a pro-abortion federal government that fails to value the dignity of its people.  Read More
Lara Trump Officially Announces Run For RNC Co-Chair
On Tuesday, Lara Trump, daughter-in-law of presumptive GOP nominee and 45th President Donald J. Trump, officially announced her run for Republican National Committee (RNC) co-chair following Ronna McDaniel's announcement earlier this week that she would be stepping down as chair on March 8. Read More
Trump OBLITERATES Biden In ALL The Crucial Swing States He Will Need To Win In 2024
Hill/Emerson polling recently released a slate of results that showed presumptive GOP nominee and 45th President Donald J. Trump besting Joe Biden in all seven key swing states he will need to grab if he wants to win big in 2024. The poll results come after GOP voters have largely given Trump their stamp of approval in a series of Republican primary contests -- including a blowout win in Michigan on Tuesday night. These impressive wins allow Trump to look ahead to the general election as the 45th president seeks to reimplement his MAGA presidential agenda.  Read More
Trump Lawyer Alina Habba Is Confident That Trump Will Win Appeal In Sham NY Case - 'It Is Not Just About Trump. It Is About Americans'
During a Sunday appearance on Newsmax's 'Sunday Agenda,' Trump lawyer Alina Habba assured viewers that Team Trump is confident in their ability to win an appeal case in New York. This comes after 45th President Donald Trump received a $364 million fine from New York for allegedly committing "financial fraud" -- a claim that Team Trump maintains is absolutely devoid of any merit. Their argument is persuasive, and the American people are behind Trump as he pushes forward a patriotic agenda that puts our interests first and not the interests of the radicals in the Democratic Party. Read More
WATCH: Gov. Abbott Says Trump Will Have The Republican Nomination Clinched By 'The Middle Part Of March' - 'The Party Is Truly Unifying'
During a Sunday appearance on CNN's 'State of the Union,' Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) assured host Dana Bash that 45th President Donald J. Trump will have the Republican nomination secured by "the middle part of March." This comes after former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) refused to drop out of the race for the GOP presidential nomination despite her major loss to Donald Trump during Saturday's South Carolina primary.  Read More
North Carolina Gubernatorial Candidate Vows To Arrest Biological Men Using Women's Restrooms
During a recent campaign event, North Carolina gubernatorial candidate and current North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson (R-NC) told voters that he would arrest any biological men who chose to enter women's restrooms. This comes after a slew of Republican governors have taken action to secure the spaces of biological women, spaces that are of immense importance to women all over our nation. Read More
Karine Jean-Pierre Insinuates Joe Biden Will Not Take Cognitive Exam During His Physical
On Monday, Karine Jean-Pierre, press secretary for the Biden White House, subtly insinuated that President Joe Biden will likely forgo taking a cognitive exam alongside his annual physical exam. This comes as Americans become increasingly concerned about the Commander-in-Chief's mental state, especially in light of special counsel Robert Hur's damning report. That report indicated Biden's poor memory would make a criminal trial in Biden's classified document case unwarranted, despite his clear volition in withholding classified documents. Read More
WATCH: Senator Mike Lee Calls On Mitch McConnell To Step Down, Accuses Him Of Uniting Senate Democrats
During a Sunday appearance on 'Sunday Morning Futures,' Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) told host Maria Bartiromo that it is now time for Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) to step down following the terrible Senate "border bill" and other legislative shortcomings. This comes after Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) pushed for a similar move last week, as MAGA Republicans become increasingly uneasy about McConnell's leadership as Senate minority leader.  Read More
WATCH: After Disastrous Republican Presidential Campaign, Chris Christie Will Not Rule Out Third Party Run
During a Tuesday appearance on ABC's 'Good Morning America,' former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) declined to rule out a third-party presidential run, arguing that a third-party ticket is as necessary now as it has been at any time in our nation's history. Christie has been a fierce opponent of 45th President Donald Trump as of recently, and his utter disdain knows no bounds -- going so far as to say Trump is unfit to serve in office, shameful remarks from a twice-failed Republican presidential candidate.  Read More
Senator Tim Scott Says 'Hades No' To Senate Border Deal - 'We Should Be Fixing And Securing Our Southern Border'
On Monday, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) exclusively told Fox News Digital that he would not support the radical Senate 'border bill' -- which does nothing to close our compromised southern border. We, the people of America, will not settle for half-measures regarding our border security. Americans demand a southern border they can trust, and this means fighting against the radicals in the Biden administration every step of the way.  Read More
Senator Rand Paul DESTROYS The Senate Border Bill - 'Absolutely Nothing Conservative About This Deal'
On Sunday, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) slammed the recent Senate' border bill' for the farce it truly is -- yet another piece of legislation that does nothing to close our southern border. Read More
WATCH: Al Sharpton Stuns America, Admits The Border Crisis Is An 'Invasion Of Migrants'
During a Monday appearance on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe', Al Sharpton told Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) that the border crisis was an 'invasion' -- a stunning admission from a radical leftist. At the same time, however, Sharpton criticized Republicans for not throwing their support behind the Senate's latest "Border Bill" -- a piece of legislation that does little to stop the inflow of illegal migrants. There is a reason Republicans are not throwing their support behind the bill en masse -- MAGA patriots know better than to settle for any half-measures when it comes to this most prized of assets. We, the people, demand borders we can trust.  Read More
Senator Blackburn DESTROYS New Border Bill In Epic Takedown - 'I Will Never Vote To Make Illegal Immigration Legal'
​​​​​​​On Sunday, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) slammed the latest Senate Border Bill for effectively allowing the continued inflow of illegal migrants. Blackburn is just one of a growing number of Republicans committed to securing our southern border -- and fortunately for America, 45th President Donald J. Trump is on that list. Read More
New Poll Shows Donald Trump Besting Nikki Haley By 35 Points In Her Home State Of South Carolina
An explosive new poll released by the Pro-Trump MAGA Inc. PAC shows leading Republican presidential contender and 45th President Donald J. Trump with a towering lead over former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley (R-SC) in her home state's Republican presidential primary, as Trump's grasp of the coveted GOP presidential nomination becomes all the more inevitable. Trump's MAGA agenda remains as popular with Republican voters as it has ever been, as more and more voters are rallying behind the likely Republican nominee. Read More
Explosive New Poll Shows Trump Beating Biden By HUGE Numbers In Critical 2024 Swing States
An explosive new poll from Bloomberg/The Morning Consult shows 45th President Donald J. Trump besting Joe Biden in every critical swing state he will need to win in the 2024 presidential election. This comes after a slew of polls have shown the leading Republican presidential contender with dominant leads over the sitting president, as more and more Americans rally around Trump's patriotic agenda. While the race is far from over, Trump is in an excellent position with the key voters he must convince to score an impressive victory in the 2024 election. Read More

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