TX Father Opens Fire On ‘Peeping Tom’ Outside His Daughter’s Window

A San Antonio dad opened fire on a “peeping tom”  staring at his daughter through her bedroom window last Wednesday night in a stunning turn of events.

As San Antonio’s Kens 5 reports:

“A man shot at a peeping Tom he said was staring at his daughter through her bedroom window late Wednesday night on the far northwest side of town… When officers arrived at the location, they met with a father who said he was forced to shoot at a man that was standing outside of his daughter’s window.”

The report adds:

“Police say it all started when the man’s daughter caught someone staring at her through her bedroom window, and she immediately left her room and told her dad.

The father went outside and caught the man near his daughter’s window. He told police that the ‘peeper’ pulled out a knife and lunged at him.”


As San Antonio’s NBC News 4 adds, it is not clear that the suspect was hit by gunfire. More importantly, the Father is not expected to be charged.

While the story is still developing, one thing is sure — our second amendment rights are fundamental. We can no more give up our right to bear arms than we can give up our right to rational inquiry. It’s part and parcel of what it means to be a human made in the Divine Image.

As such, the second amendment describes a truly sacred right — one afforded to us by our Creator in the state of innocence. It flows from our right to private property and our right to life — two rights no Government has any excuse to meddle with.  Indeed, a government that disregards the rights of its people is a government in a state of decay. It is certainly not the American Government as conceived by our founders — which was principled and considerate in every area imaginable, especially on the right to form a well-regulated militia.

The Biden administration does not champion our fundament rights. Instead, they champion the opposite — Biden claims our Second Amendment rights are not “absolute” on the basis of false information. Donald Trump, however, stood for the rights of fathers to protect their daughters and the rights of teens to protect their families. In 2022 and 2024, our Second Amendment rights could very well be at stake. We should vote like our Constitution depends on it.

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