Liberal DC Mayor Muriel Bowser SNAPS After Texas Officials Give Her a Taste of Her Own Medicine, Is Forced to Declare State of Emergency

Radical liberal Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser announced a public emergency on Thursday after Texas and Arizona continued to bus migrants into DC.

DC News 5 claims nearly 9,500 people have been bussed into our nation’s capitol since April, when Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) first announced his busing plan, with Arizona following suit in May.

As the New York Post writes:

“The declaration authorizes Bowser to establish an Office of Migrant Services, which will provide support and services to migrants being sent to Washington DC from Texas and Arizona…

This is what we know. The crisis at the border is not lessening. It’s getting worse,” Bowser said at a press conference, adding that she expects “hundreds of more buses” to arrive in the fall.


According to D.C.’s News 5, the declaration will allow Bowser to “direct the Director of the Department of Human Services to provide temporary services and supports to migrants arriving from southern border states. It also authorizes the City Administrator and agency directors to establish new programs and expand or modify existing programs in response to the emergency… ”

While many have commented that the Texas plan amounts to a mere political statement (and it is one), it is much more than that. It is a message to Joe Biden that he better shape up and protect our sacred southern border.

Earlier this month, Lt. General Dan Patrick (R-TX) announced the busing will not stop until Biden takes action:

“Well, first of all, every mayor of a big blue city, which are most of the top 25 in the country, should be on notice,” he proclaimed. “Look out your window, you might see a bus coming to you one day in the future, and the buses are going to keep coming.”

The point is, our border is worth protecting. A nation without borders is no nation. We love everyone, and, as such, we feel for the plight of the illegal immigrant. But we must never surrender our nation’s border. We must take a principled stand in favor of it. All in all, we must build a great, big, beautiful border wall.

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