Ford Is Laying Off Thousands Of Workers To Appease The Democrat Agenda

The Ford Motor Company is planning to cut at most 8,000 employees to fund a push into the electric vehicle industry, as the Biden Administration continues its war on fossil fuels.

Ford will be cutting jobs from their Blue unit which is responsible for internal combustion engine vehicles, per Bloomberg.

While the plan has yet to be finalized, the job cuts are planned to begin this summer, most likely in phases, and will impact salaried positions within operations.

Ford’s upcoming cutbacks come as the state of Michigan awarded $100.8 million in taxpayer funding to supplement a $1.16 billion update to five factories, The Detroit News reported.

The company’s CEO Jim Farley reportedly stated “we have too many people,” while at a Wolfe Research auto conference in February, adding that Ford’s portfolios are underearning.


In response, Ford put $50 billion into electric vehicles with a plan to build two million EVs annually by the year 2026.

With the Biden administration continuing to push their green agenda, companies are bending over backward to appear climate conscious and repurpose their businesses as climate-friendly initiatives.

Ford’s move to fire thousands is just one consequence of the company’s transition to electric vehicles, as Ford has been forced to build new infrastructure and factories to transition into electric vehicles — thus transferring resources from cities like Detroit.

The drastic switch away from gas-powered vehicles is being pushed at a moment when gas prices are at all-time highs, and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has the gall to tell Americans they can go buy electric cars to ease their “pain” at the gas pump.

While electric vehicles may someday be affordable to the average American, thanks to a reallocation of corporate resources — Americans will have to take it one day at a time, at an average of $4.44 per gallon.

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