Is the Department of Transportation Covering Up Pete Buttigieg’s Private Jet Travel? Decide For Yourself

The nation by now has become quite acquainted with the figure of Pete Buttigieg in his capacity as Secretary of Transportation. Many of his actions during the tragedy of the ongoing East Palestine affair such as that of trying to falsely shift the blame of the affair on former president Donald Trump and his tardy visit to the beleaguered community reveals the character of the man. Now a new scandal dawns on the affairs of the former Democratic primary candidate for president in 2020. According to Just The News this scandal revolves around his own department shielding information from an Inspector General probe into his department.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) in particular refuses to disclose the costs of several trips that Mr. Buttigieg along with his advisors made using federal planes. A probe by the Inspector General opened up against the Secretary over the frequency he used those planes. As the DC Enquirer previously notedthe DOT Office of the Inspector General initiated an audit into the Secretary’s travel arrangements as a result of a report from the outlet that alleged Buttigieg had flown on 18 separate flights at the taxpayer’s expense since he took office in 2021….According to The Washington Post, the audit was requested by Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) following the Fox News report.” 


The DC Enquirer added that the travel frequency triggered criticism “due to Buttigieg’s vocal condemnation of conservatives and aggressive climate change rhetoric.”

Just The News revealed that “[w]hile the agency [DOT] dithered for months, it ultimately provided records of the flights but omitted any record of their costs. The information they did release, however, indicated that Buttigieg’s advisors took a further three flights using the federal fleet.”

The article further commented that “The outlet has been unable to coax further information as to the cost of the flights from the DOT, though agency spokeswoman Kerry Arndt pointed to a Washington Post article estimating the cost of Buttigieg’s 18 flights to be a total of approximately $42,000. Fox observed that such a low figure would be inconsistent with rates the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] has charged other federal agencies for legitimate purposes.”

If it came out that DOT was hiding documents that showed that all the flights, both recorded and unrecorded, were done at lower costs than the standard cost for legitimate business then this obviously raises eyebrows. If the former Indiana mayor were corruptly receiving special flight discounts then this only adds to his dismal record as head of the Department of Transportation. It may also be grounds for impeaching the secretary, especially when considering the past precedents of impeachment.


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