SHOCKING: Transgender Felon Awarded $495,000, Moved To Female Correctional Facility In Minnesota

Just in case there needed to be any convincing of how broken the system has become over LGBTQ values and ideas, a Minnesota transgender inmate sued the state to get moved to a female prison, receive a vaginoplasty, and be awarded $495,000 to settle the discrimination lawsuit against the Minnesota Department of Corrections. 

The inmate, Christina Lusk, first began taking hormones to transition back in 2009 before officially changing his name in 2018, per Fox News. The convict had recently undergone “top surgery” before his arrest in 2018 with the intent to get a “bottom surgery” at some point in the near future. Lusk was arrested and sentenced to serve until 2024 for a felony drug offense.

The transgender inmate applied to continue with his intent to get the vaginoplasty with the Minnesota DOC but was deferred. This prompted the biological male to sue the state over the decision made by department medical director James Amsterdam to get the surgery after release.

Lusk sued alongside St. Paul-based advocacy group Gender Justice alleging that the biological male was being sexually abused by his fellow male inmates at the facility he was being housed in. The suit demanded that Lusk be treated as a woman and move to an all-female correctional facility. 

"Inmates would heckle her, heckle her roommates… call her ‘it,’ that sort of thing. 'And then there were staff who would say things to her, such as, 'You know, you're a man in a men's prison,’” Jess Braverman, the Gender Justice legal director claimed, according to FOX 9. “‘I'm not going to treat you like a woman. I'm not going to use your proper name and pronouns.'"

Lusk then released a statement through Gender Justice, saying, "Everybody needs to come together in unity, and embrace positive change. I believe we have made a big step toward allowing people to express who they truly are, and bring some sort of peace and happiness to their lives."

"This journey has brought extreme challenges, and I have endured so much. My hope is that nobody has to go through the same set of circumstances,” the statement continued. “I relied on my faith, and I never gave up hope. I can truly say that I am a strong, proud, transgender woman, and my name is Christina Lusk."

Lusk and his lawyers managed to win due to a recent policy adopted by the Minnesota DOC that allowed transgenders to request transfers to facilities that align with their chosen gender identity. This policy is active in ten other states as well as the District of Columbia. 

"The DOC is constitutionally obligated to provide medically necessary care for incarcerated people, which includes treatment for gender dysphoria," said DOC Commissioner Paul Schnell. "Based on the facts of this specific case, the incarcerated person will now have access to the medical care she needs, she deserves, and we have a legal obligation to provide."

The entire situation feels utterly ridiculous that not only a biological male is being allowed to be housed with females in a prison, but also that somehow the state owes the convicted felon half a million dollars for housing him with his fellow biological males. What years ago would have been a comedy skit on an episode of ‘Family Guy’ has now somehow become that sad reality for Americans. 

  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Minnesota Department of Corrections + Drew Angerer/Getty Images
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