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A recent win for the Biden Administration in the Fifth Circuit court regarding land leases and oil sales was short-lived, as Judge Terry Doughty moved to block the ruling Thursday, which halted oil drilling and crippled the nation’s natural gas supply — at a time when consumer prices have never been higher.

Doughty was appointed by Former President Donald Trump back in 2018 and serves as the Judge for Louisiana’s Western District Court. His decision to throw an injunction in front of the Fifth Circuit’s ruling served as a significant blow to Biden’s perpetuation of the gas crisis in the United States.

It is assumed, however, that Biden’s legal counsel will attempt to appeal Judge Doughty’s ruling despite a likely loss.

Biden’s recent signing of a bill that saw Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) make oil concessions for the vote of Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV), clearly outlined the same sort of drilling that Biden’s legal team is fighting against in the courts. Of course, these things continue to occur in the Biden administration and would be considered laughable, if they weren’t so absurd and a massive waste of taxpayer money.

The ordinary course of action in an economy stricken by high gasoline prices would be to abandon the position of anti-drilling, to better serve the American constituency; however, when it comes to Biden’s White House — common sense and basic motor skills don’t appear as part of their strategy.


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In contrast, under Trump, the will of the people was also the will of the president. Gas prices from 2016-2020 were significantly low in most areas ranging from $1 to $2 a gallon.

Gas wasn’t the only area where the American people were economically blessed. Historically low unemployment numbers — especially among minorities — and stock market highs never reached before, all paved the way for an easy takeover. As long as Biden could maintain the success Trump had generated.

Unfortunately, Biden’s inability to take the wheel — and the fact that those around him practice manipulation in the name of power — has changed America’s course of success and prosperity. The U.S. is now headed for destruction and turmoil.

This terrible showing from liberal Democrats should be enough for the GOP to do well not only in November, but in 2024 when the America First President will presumably make his third, and likely final run at being Commander-in-Chief.