EU Leader Afraid 'Trump Will Surely Be The Republican Nominee'— Demands Nations Give Up Sovereignty To Compete With U.S. In Second Term

The European Union would be so threatened by a second presidential term of Donald J. Trump that the individual nation-states that compose the Union must give over even more of their sovereignty to Brussels to compete, according to the EU Member and former Belgian Prime Minister and huge-government leftist Guy Verhofstadt.

Verhofstadt warned in an Op-Ed for Euractiv,

"Donald Trump will surely be the Republican nominee for the American Presidency next year. The prospect of Trump 2.0 should be taken seriously. We must prepare a Europe that is sovereign and capable to defend its interests."

Assertions of sovereign rights from European nations like those espoused by conservative leaders such as Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán or Italian PM Giorgia Meloni represent "Democratic backsliding, according to Verhofstadt, and are "existential and intolerable," to the EU.

In a Monday tweet, the EU Parliament Member accused Orbán of "blackmailing the EU," for daring to block additional aid funding to Ukraine.
As reported by Breitbart News, the transfer of sovereign power from the constituent states of the EU would need to cease conducting independent elections for representation within the EU and rather would participate in "a truly single European election and not only 27 national campaigns where, too often, but national battles also prevail over the European debate."

Such a change in the power dynamic would see the national identities of each nation stripped away in favor of a more European citizenship model. And for Verhofstadt and his Renew Europe Party, that's a feature, not a bug.

The near-fanatical pro-EU seventy-year-old even went so far as to accuse Trump of supporting Russia following his measured response to the question of ending the Russo-Ukrainian war during his CNN hosted townhall last week. He wrote, "Trump doesn’t want to become leader of the free world… he wants to sell the world to the highest bidding autocrat ! Never again !"
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