Russia, Russia, Russia: Former CIA Chief Behind The Hunter Biden Laptop Disinformation Letter Says He Still Harbors ‘Suspicions About A Russian Role’

Former acting Director of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael Morell recently admitted that despite believing that Hunter Biden's laptop emails "are authentic", he still maintains his suspicions of Russian involvement in the Hunter Biden story, according to Breitbart News. He said that "I still have suspicions about a Russian role in these emails getting to The New York Post." These statements were given under oath to Congress. 

65-page document released by the House Judiciary Committee contained this testimonial. The document noted that while Morell was gathering signatories for his infamous October 2020 letter "to help Biden win the election", the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe stated that the laptop was not part of a Russian disinformation campaign. When pressed on whether Ratcliffe's statement had any effect on the letter, Mr. Morell replied "no" and explained that "as a former intelligence officer with much more experience than Mr. Ratcliffe, I don’t know how he could have came to that conclusion. How could he know . . . it wasn’t part of Russian disinformation?"


As the document made clear, however, "Ratcliffe" was "unlike the statement’s signatories, was in government as the top intelligence official in the United States and privy to all classified information." Despite this fact, Morell still insisted that "I would have to write it differently because we now know the emails are authentic, right? So you couldn’t say anymore we don’t know whether it’s information or disinformation. But I still have suspicions about a Russian role in these emails getting to The New York Post."

The letter also had its support and advocacy within the ranks of active members of the Central Intelligence Agency. Morell called this action "inappropriate" and insisted that "I did not coordinate with the CIA. I would have—had I known [Carien’s allegation], I would have reacted very negatively to this." He further explained that "It’s inappropriate for a currently serving staff officer or contractor to be involved in the political process." 

While retired from the intelligence community, Morell has been a political agent for years who has used his intelligence credentials to lobby in favor or against political candidates. He has written many articles, all Democratic-leaning, that leveraged his national security bonafides to attack Mr. Trump.  

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