Former NBA Star Insinuates Justice Thomas Is A “Black White Supremacist”

Former NBA Star Rex Chapman said the unthinkable on Twitter when he insinuated Justice Clarence Thomas is a “black white supremacist”. A 13-year NBA vet, the former player has since become a part-time basketball analyst. He took advantage of his Twitter following last Tuesday when he made these now-infamous remarks.

Now, all those who know Justice Thomas disagree with that assertion. Justice Thomas is a kind-hearted man who loves his country. You cannot say the same about nearly every Democrat politician. Simply put, he is no person of grievance, no Uncle Tom. no white supremacist.

Of course, this claim that Justice Thomas is basically outside the black community is not new. Joy Behar hinted at it a while back when she said the following, which we reported on earlier this year :

“Clarence Thomas, a black guy, a black man, a justice — I’ll give it to him, he’s a smart guy — but he is to the right of Attila the Hun! They put him in there thinking, ‘well, a black man will go against voting rights!’ — which is what he does! It is a very tricky business that they are pulling over there if you think about it.”

Similarly, the Washington Post said the following about Justice Thomas:

But these pale in comparison to what Rex Chapman tweeted.  He should be ashamed. Justice Thomas deserves praise for upholding the Constitution, not contempt. Really, the liberal justices who tried to carve out a non-existent abortion right deserve the real scorn. After a rant detailing a photo-op Justice Thomas did at Christendom College, and another rant detailing his lack of attendance at NBA games, he then went even lower. Posting a clip from the Chapelle show, he likened Justice Thomas to a “black white supremacist”:

These comments are vile. Justice Thomas has protected our constitution and he knows all men are created equal. He is a shining light to the black community. He is no “black white supremacist.” He is a national icon, regardless of race. Only in Biden’s America could such criticism be mainstream. The 2022 midterms could not come soon enough.

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