Free Speech Platform Offers First Pay-Per-View Event for Censored Comedian

On Wednesday, the video streaming platform Rumble, known for its protection of freedom of speech, launched its first-ever pay-per-view comedy special with English comedian Russell Brand after the comedian signed an exclusive contract with the platform.

The comedy special, titled “Brandemic,” was released initially on the subscription-based Rumble platform Locals on March 13th and it was made available to regular Rumble viewers for $19.99 on the 15th.

“In his new comedy special, Russell Brand promises viewers the best stand-up special he has ever made,” Rumble said in a press release. “After years of deception, madness, and insanity from corporate media, the widely popular comedian offers a hysterical and irreverent take on hot-button topics, calling for freedom, unity, and sanity.”

“Rumble is the natural home for my new comedy special ‘Brandemic,’” said the English comedian. “Ask yourself, could this special be on the mainstream media–and did it originate from a lab or a wet market?” 

“We are excited to launch our first pay-per-view with Russell Brand, one of the most influential comedians in the world,” said Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski. “His hilarious and quick-witted approach to controversial topics is what makes him a top podcaster on Rumble and Locals.”

“The launch of our first pay-per-view also gives his fans more purchase options, along with the subscriber-based Locals platform,” Pavlovski continued. “This is an exciting step for Rumble, and our pay-per-view feature sets up a competitive form of monetization for our top creators.” 

Throughout the special, Brand focuses on the coronavirus pandemic, the role of social media in society, and a plethora of other topics.

As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, Brand has made headlines in recent weeks showing audiences his outspoken nature most notably on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ earlier this month.

During the show, Brand stayed true to form and spoke truth to power, all while going off on the ‘propagandist’ network MSNBC.


“It’s disingenuous to claim that the biases that are exhibited on Fox News are any different than the biases exhibited on MSNBC. It is difficult to suggest that these corporations are anything other than mouthpieces for their affiliated owners in BlackRock and Vanguard,” Brand said. “We have to take responsibility for our own perspectives. I’ve been on that MSNBC mate. It’s propaganda, it’s nutcrackery on there.”

“I went on a show called ‘Morning Joe,'” the comedian stated. “They didn’t understand the basic tenets of journalism. No one was willing to stick up for genuine American heroes like Edward Snowden. No one was willing to talk about Julian Assange and what he suffered trying to bring real journalism to the American people. And I think to sit within the castle of MSNBC throwing rocks at Fox News is ludicrous. Make MSNBC better. Make MSNBC great again.”

“Russell, darling. The moment you give me a specific example… of an MSNBC correspondent or anchor being on television saying something they knew was false and were saying behind the scenes to people that we know that the election wasn’t stolen or something equivalent but I will go out on television and say the opposite, I will lie…”

“When’s my answer,” Russell jumped in.

“I’m with you. I think it’s a false equivalency Russell,” Maher commented to which Russell responded, “No, it’s not. That’s your own biases.”

“It’s not about bias. It’s a false equivalency because you don’t actually know anything about these organizations that you are talking about. Even the MSNBC ones. Big f***ing deal,” Heilemann argued. “You don’t have a single actual fact.”

“Do you want an example?” Russell asked. “The ludicrous, outrageous criticisms of Joe Rogan over Ivermectin deliberately referring to it as a horse medicine when they know it’s an effective medicine. Rachel Maddow turning on the TV saying ‘if you take this vaccine, you’re not going to get it.'”

After the MSNBC journalist continued to say “non-responsive” over and over, Russell went off: “You have to listen! Do you think you could improve America by determinedly and avowedly condemning Fox News without acknowledging that you are participating in the same game? Did you not just listen to Bernie Sanders, someone who plainly, legitimately believes in this country and believes it is possible to change but is bound by corruption, bound by the lobbying system.”

“Surely it is clear to you Bill as one of the great pundits and experts and comic voices that systemic change is required. Money needs to be taken out of politics. We need new political systems that genuinely represent ordinary Americans so we can overcome cultural differences,” the comedian continued, concluding, “And bickering about which propagandist network is the worst is not going to save a single American life, not improve the life of a single American child, not improve America’s standing in the world, and the world needs a strong America. I’ll tell you that. So you have an obligation, a duty not to condemn these people.”

If you want to see more of Russell Brand, his comedy special “Brandemic” is available for purchase at

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