Gas Prices Are So High Under Biden Even CNBC Is Pushing Buttigieg For Answers… And His Reply Is Absurd

Things got tense during a CNBC segment earlier this week with Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who was forced to defend the Biden Administration’s plan to declare a climate emergency at a time when gas prices are continuing to hit record highs, and consumers are suffering financially. The results of the interview, were not pretty.

After being continually pressed by network host Joe Kernan, Buttigieg ultimately said it was his and Biden’s goal to fully transition the U.S. off fossil fuels and was willing to allow citizens to suffer through the transition to accomplish their green energy goals — whatever the cost.

“There are real possibilities that people might not have air conditioning during a heat wave or during the winter they might not have enough energy to heat their homes at this point,” Kernan said to Buttigieg.

He then emphasized that policies put in place by the Biden administration won’t impact carbon emissions until the year 2030.

The CNBC host continued pressing Buttigieg by asking, “When wind and solar won’t power the homes in Europe, how do we not use hydrocarbons to make sure that near term these people aren’t freezing or dying from the heat?”

He also highlighted the reportedly record-breaking heat currently affecting Western Europe, by asking “how do you declare a climate crisis in the middle of an actual weather crisis?”

Buttigieg replied saying, “This is what a transition looks like. This is exactly the challenge we’re living through. You can’t flip a switch, you can’t do it overnight.”


“When it comes to the climate, we are running out of time,” The former South Bend Mayor added. He then argued the United States should not follow the lead of India and China which are our biggest competitors in many sectors, and who also continue to use fossil fuels.

“The realities may set in Europe and we may see the downside — for example, if the president declares a climate emergency executive order, we are going to stop drilling in the outer continental shelf,” Kernan hit back. “We’re going to do all kinds of things that limit production of hydrocarbons at this time with the idea that by 2030 everyone is going to be along with us.”

He claimed people will freeze and die, for results that aren’t even going to come until about 2030.

This isn’t the first time Buttigieg has said something radical or head-scratching with regard to major policy. When testifying before Congress on high energy prices he said the financial pain at the pump is something to be celebrated and actually tried to paint the intense spike in pricing as a good thing.

“The more pain we are all experiencing from the high price of gas, the more benefit there is for those who can access electric vehicles,” he said.

At a time when Americans are hurting financially due to the rising cost of living and record-setting gasoline rates, it seems like the Biden administration is ignoring everyday Americans by telling them to shut up and deal with it — while they all go save the planet by handing out billions in green energy subsidies, that have yet to produce a working alternative.

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