Gill: ALPHA Trump Steals DeSantis’ Thunder in Iowa Before He Even Arrives, as Crowd Stares Awestruck by Trump Force One While DeSantis Speaks

Today at the Iowa State Fair, President Donald Trump proved once again that he is the leader of the conservative movement. Without a doubt, Republican primary voters see in him the strength, vitality and tenacity our country desperately needs to defeat Joe Biden and the radical Left.
And Trump demonstrated his power before his plane even landed in Iowa.
The Iowa Caucuses are the first in the Republican primaries and help set the tone for subsequent races. That's why candidates make sure to attend the Iowa State Fair. It’s a high stakes event, one that could make or break a campaign, and all serious candidates use it to deliver their pitch to discerning primary voters.
This year’s fair has already been a memorable one. Yesterday, voters heckled a humiliated Mike Pence for betraying President Trump after the 2020 elections. And this morning, Vivek Ramaswamy ended his fireside chat by rapping the lyrics to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself.”

But the most awe-inspiring and entertaining moment so far came during Ron DeSantis’ speech. Unfortunately for the Florida governor, he wasn’t the star of the show.
Instead, while grilling pork and attempting to make small talk with voters, DeSantis found himself brutally upstaged. The crowd lost interest in him. He was speaking, but nobody was listening.
They were focused on the sky. Circling overhead was a massive, magnificent Boeing 757 – Trump Force One - heralding the President’s long-awaited arrival. Its very presence enraptured the crowd. They couldn’t take their eyes off President Trump’s glorious and iconic ride.
The Trump jet exudes power and created a palpable anticipation for the President’s arrival.

As long as it was visible, there was nothing Governor DeSantis could do or say. The crowd had moved past him. He was done. Finished. The people wanted Trump.

The moment was a sting for DeSantis, whose campaign has been a bitter disappointment to his supporters. Despite widespread publicity, he’s been tanking in the polls. According to the Real Clear Politics polling average, President Trump has a 39% lead over DeSantis, and his numbers are dropping daily.
The irony is that most Republican primary voters were supportive of DeSantis’ governorship, but they couldn’t understand why he decided to oppose President Trump’s nomination.
In fact, DeSantis couldn’t even muster the support of the Republican Congressional delegation from his own state. All of them endorsed Trump. This includes influential political luminaries like Matt Gaetz, Ana Paulina Luna, Byron Donalds, Greg Steube and more.
Making matters worse for DeSantis, they were on board the plane with Trump as it arrived.
If the event means anything, it’s that the primary is effectively over. Without even landing, President Trump stole the show. It’s time the other candidates recognize this and formally make him our nominee.
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