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Brandon Gill

Brandon is the Editor Emeritus of DC Enquirer. He is a candidate for US Congress from Texas' 26th Congressional District. He has no editorial influence over DC Enquirer. 

Gill: Iowa is Trump Country and Everybody Knows It
If there’s anything the Iowa State Fair proved last weekend, it’s that Iowa is Trump Country. The President's presence was so palpably magnetic, it was like the other candidates weren’t even there. Read More
Gill: ALPHA Trump Steals DeSantis’ Thunder in Iowa Before He Even Arrives, as Crowd Stares Awestruck by Trump Force One While DeSantis Speaks
Today at the Iowa State Fair, President Donald Trump proved once again that he is the leader of the conservative movement. Without a doubt, Republican primary voters see in him the strength, vitality and tenacity our country desperately needs to defeat Joe Biden and the radical Left. Read More
Gill: President Trump Is About to Get His Biggest Vindication Yet
At midnight tonight, Joe Biden will shred Title 42, the final piece of President Trump’s wildly successful illegal immigration policy. In so doing, he will deliberately trigger the most significant land invasion the United States has ever seen. Read More
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