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Statistics have shown a sharp depletion within the Democratic Party for a while. Those on the left can’t figure out why Hispanic Americans are fleeing from their clutches by the masses; however, many Latinos blame the growing ideological fascination with ‘wokeness’ as one of the primary reasons for their departure.

From implementing gender-neutral nouns like ‘Latinx,’ failed attempts to pander (one first lady’s crack about breakfast burritos comes to mind), and outright taking the community for granted, the Left is abandoning the values of the Hispanic community. Those on the left refuse to acknowledge or do anything about the plummeting support other than to forge onward with their blatantly disrespectful and overwhelmingly laughable ‘woke’ efforts.

As the old adage goes, the proof is in the pudding. Poll numbers prove that the term ‘Latinx’ is a failure: it is used by less than  4% of Hispanics.

It is statistically proven that Latinos, on the whole, are God-fearing and heavily traditional people.


Studies show a heavy focus on the family unit, which in many cases can heavily impact the political development of an individual. Individuals from close-knit families tend to have more mature approaches to issues and can communicate much better than those from scattered families. These key components, while seemingly unrelated to politics, heavily impact the direction in which one from that background would tend to vote.

So it comes without shock that despite the questionable efforts made to fortify the Latin voter base within the Democratic Party, it has been an abject failure.

Unfortunately for the left, Latinos exposed to candidates branded by Former President Trump’s ‘America First’ badge quickly receive Hispanic support. This is because the sentiments associated with ‘America First’ are components like family, tradition, and Judeo-Christian values, all of which claim a strong stake within the Latin community. All the while, the Biden administration continues to shirk responsibility for key issues impacting one of the more economically-vulnerable demographics in our country.

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Leslie Mendoza, a Latina-American conservative activist, went on the record to say, “The current administration’s response to almost every single issue in the last year is the reason that the Democratic National Committee is gradually losing the Hispanic vote in 2022.”

Leftist propaganda has gotten rapidly more anti-God and anti-family. So while many on the left look on at the drop in support in astonishment, anyone with basic knowledge of Latin heritage could’ve seen this massive shift coming from a mile away.

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