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Hollywood is woker now than it has ever been. There are only a select few actors who represent the America First vision of old Hollywood. That’s why when anyone in Hollywood expresses respect for our American values, we are overjoyed.

One of these anti-woke actors is ‘Hulk’ star and bodybuilder Lou Ferrigno, who in the ultimate show of support, backed the blue as an honorary “ride along” Sherriff for the Syracuse New York police department. Ferringo, a long-time supporter of the police, has served in similar capacities in other police departments. His father was himself a police officer in New York for 26 years.

As Fox News reports:

“Ferrigno became a reserve deputy with the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office in California in 2012 and was a member of former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s volunteer sheriff posse in 2016 where he helped patrol the U.S.-Mexico border.”

The actor posted about his most recent stint on Twitter, saying he was “Very proud to be helping communities all over the country as a reserve sheriff.

This Monday, the actor went on Fox News’ “Fox And Friends’ to talk about the experience, during which he claimed one of the biggest problems in our society is a lack of respect for authority amongst the youth — respect he had instilled in him by his police officer father.

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“I tell you, without my father being a police officer, I think I probably would not be around today because I learned to respect him. It’s all about respecting that leadership, because most kids today, there’s no God, there’s no respect. They have no respect for themselves. That’s why I’m fortunate…”

He’s right on target. Too many of our youth today have no transcendent purpose. They act purely on whim and fancy. The internet has replaced the Bible for all too many of them. The police are a necessary authority force in this fallen world — they show us the ordered nature of society and the thin line between order and anarchy, a line the Democrats want us to cross. We must back the blue if we want a society worth fighting for.