'I Didn't Do That': President Biden Denies Proclaiming Easter Sunday As Transgender Day Of Visibility - 'He's Thoroughly Uninformed'

On Monday, President Joe Biden once again was caught up in the controversy over his proclamation of March 31, 2024, Easter Sunday, as Transgender Day of Visibility. While speaking with reporters at the White House, the 81-year-old president denied ever issuing the proclamation despite the White House's publication of his declaration on Friday.

When Biden was asked about the proclamation, he told reporters, "I didn't do that" and stated that Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), who criticized the president over the controversy, was "thoroughly uninformed." In response to the president's statement, Speaker Johnson posted an image of Biden's proclamation alongside the caption, "This you, [Joe Biden]?"

The president was also criticized by conservative filmmaker Robby Starbuck, who pointed out that the president's social media was filled with posts honoring transgender Americans on Sunday, with one post that read, "Today, on Transgender Day of Visibility, I have a simple message to all trans Americans: I see you. You are made in the image of God, and you're worthy of respect and dignity."

"Hey [Joe Biden] — you not only 'did that' as you can see in the White House news announcement below but you posted it right here on X," wrote Starbuck. "As if what you did wasn't bad enough, now you're gaslighting America. You're insane, incompetent, evil or maybe all 3." 

As previously reported by the DC Enquirer, Biden's proclamation, issued on Good Friday, focused on recognizing the impact that transgender people have on American society and the work that the Biden administration has done to promote their interests. "On Transgender Day of Visibility, we honor the extraordinary courage and contributions of transgender Americans and reaffirm our Nation's commitment to forming a more perfect Union — where all people are created equal and treated equally throughout their lives," Biden wrote in the proclamation. "Today, we send a message to all transgender Americans: You are loved. You are heard. You are understood. You belong. You are America, and my entire Administration and I have your back."

"NOW, THEREFORE, I, JOSEPH R. BIDEN JR., President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim March 31, 2024, as Transgender Day of Visibility," the president proclaimed. "I call upon all Americans to join us in lifting up the lives and voices of transgender people throughout our Nation and to work toward eliminating violence and discrimination based on gender identity."

In reaction to the declaration, Speaker Johnson, a devout Christian, condemned Biden's actions as "outrageous and abhorrent," writing, "The Biden White House has betrayed the central tenet of Easter — which is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Banning sacred truth and tradition—while at the same time proclaiming Easter Sunday as 'Transgender Day'—is outrageous and abhorrent. This is why the American people are taking note."

Transgender Day of Visibility began on March 31, 2009, during the Obama administration. Biden's proclamation formalizes the day, and Easter Sunday, which is celebrated on the first Sunday after the Spring Equinox or the first full moon afterward, will not fall on March 31 again until 2086. 

Read Biden's full proclamation here.

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  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
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