Liberal Media Finally Covering Illegal Immigration Crisis After Migrants Bused To Blue Cities And Left-Wing States

The New York Times ran a ranting article on Thursday regarding the illegal immigration crisis currently facing America, entitled: “G.O.P. Governors Cause Havoc by Busing Migrants to East Coast.”

The newspaper — long known as being a bastion of liberalism — posted the quite lengthy piece to focus more on the plight and suffering of illegal border crossers, rather than address the rampant drug smuggling, cartel activity, and human trafficking occurring on a daily basis; Chaos that has now spilled over into the United States.

“Lever Alejos was out of money and out of options when he arrived in South Texas last month, after an arduous journey from Venezuela that culminated with him crossing the Rio Grande in water up to his chin,” the article began. “The Border Patrol quickly arrested him, and after his release, he was offered a choice: a $50 bus ride to San Antonio, or a free bus ride to Washington, D.C., paid for by the State of Texas.”

“‘I wanted San Antonio, but I had run out of money,’ said Mr. Alejos, 28, who has no family in the United States. ‘I boarded the bus to Washington,'” the story continued.

This post is a direct reply to Gov. Greg Abbott’s (R-Texas) decision to send busloads of illegal migrants to D.C., in an effort to show federal lawmakers what sort of impact their policies are having on the lives of everyday border-state citizens.

“A political tactic by the governors of Texas and Arizona to offload the problems caused by record levels of migration at the border is beginning to hit home in Washington, as hundreds of undocumented migrants arriving on the governors’ free bus rides each week increasingly tax the capital’s ability to provide emergency food and housing,” the NYT article read.

Homeless style street shelters and tents have even begun popping up in the nation’s capital, all over the city. I’ve seen them with my own eyes. Tents and tenants which were not there until recently.

A vast majority of bus riders are reportedly Venezuelans attempting to escape their own collapsing Communist country.


“Since April, Texas has delivered more than 6,200 migrants to the nation’s capital, with Arizona dispatching an additional 1,000 since May,” according to The Times. “The influx has prompted Muriel E. Bowser, Washington’s Democratic mayor, to ask the Defense Department to send the National Guard in. The request has infuriated organizations that have been assisting the migrants without any city support.”

Abbott sent a letter to the liberal city mayors, Eric Adams of New York and Bowser, inviting them to tour the “dire situation” he sees every day.

“Your recent interest in this historic and preventable crisis is a welcome development,” Abbott wrote. “Especially as the president and his administration have shown no remorse for their actions nor desire to address the situation themselves,”

This escalation of the crisis comes as the Supreme Court, in a narrow 5-4 decision, upheld the Biden Administration’s decision to end former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy, which allowed migrants to wait in the neighboring south while their cases were sorted out.

Biden’s federal departments are also looking to end several other Trump-era policies, which will likely make the Southern Border even worse.

It also seems hypocritical to take extreme measures to continually crush a pandemic in COVID-19, but then allow millions of migrants to come into the country uncheck and unvetted, without even admitting that the process is problematic and broken.

As the mistakes of this administration continue to pile up, they will be grasping at straws for minor victories to give them momentum, in the hopes of offsetting any red wave gains made by Republicans this November.

The Southern Border will not be one of those victories. If anything, Democrats will dodge and divert from this crisis, and inflame tensions among other pollical fault lines, if necessary, to cover up for the utter failure their policies have become. Fall can’t come fast enough.

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