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The Republican National Committee (RNC) announced Thursday they are starting a new initiative, geared toward helping lawful permanent residents pass the civic section of their naturalization test to become U.S. citizens.

The RNC press release calls the move a “minority outreach initiative,” arguing it will help broaden their base.

“‘The RNC is growing our Party through purposeful education and engagement. Our commitment to provide opportunities for all to live out the American dream is broadening our base because our ideas transcend all backgrounds,” the release read. “Unlike Democrats, Republicans do not take minority communities for granted and we will continue to work to earn each vote ahead of November.”

The plan is for RNC-trained staff to teach U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) based materials, to assist immigrants with the 10-hour long course, which will seek to teach lawful residents “basic U.S. civics and history based on questions that could appear on the civics portion of the naturalization test.”

For example, “‘When was the Declaration of Independence signed?’ and ‘How many branches of government are there?'”



The RNC reports nearly 9.2 million lawful permanent residents are eligible to naturalize. Many of these voters reside in key swing states like Flordia, Texas, Georgia, Nevada, California, and Pennsylvania, where the Committee is concentrating most of its efforts.

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The first of these courses launched Thursday in Loral Flordia:

Republicans are only now trying to compete with Democrats on citizenship drives, which has been a staple of the Democratic political strategy for years, per Axios.

The results of this GOP effort remain to be seen, however, the intention of Republicans is clear.  They’re attempting to sell their America First message to a larger audience and bring them into the fold.

That message is sure to resonate more than any America Last rhetoric the Democratic ticket has to offer.