Trump's Untold Tales Of Kindness: In 2007, Trump Gifted $10K To The 'Hero Of Harlem' After He Saved Epileptic Student From NYC Train Tracks

In 2007, New York City construction worker and Navy veteran Wesley Autrey was with his two young daughters at a New York City subway train platform when he saw a young 20-year-old film student suffer a seizure and fall onto the subway tracks.

Autrey instantly jumped off of the 137th Street subway station platform on the train tracks, placed the student in-between the tracks, held the student down, and laid on top of him as the subway train rolled over them, saving the student’s life.

Autrey instantly became a national sensation and earned Time’s 2007 top 100 most influential people in the world and was dubbed by the media as the “Subway Samaritan,” “The Hero of Harlem,” “Subway Superman,” and the “Subway Hero.”

Two days after Autrey’s heroic actions, then-reality TV host and successful businessman Donald Trump took the opportunity to shake hands with Autrey to award him a $10,000 check.

Trump also took it upon himself to write a Time tribute for Autrey.

“I remember when I first heard about Wesley Autrey and what he did on Jan. 2, 2007. It was an astonishing act of bravery and selflessness, and the fact that he was so matter-of-fact about it made it even more so,” Trump wrote in the May 2007 Time tribute.

“I knew then I wanted to help him and his family, and I was pleased that he agreed to come to my office to meet me and receive the $10,000 check I had for him. I wanted to meet a hero. What I met was a very unassuming man who felt what he did was simply the right thing to do. It was that simple to him,” Trump added.

“In reality, it was anything but simple. In case you're not familiar with his story, Autrey, 51, was waiting for the subway in New York City when a young man suffered a seizure and fell onto the tracks. A train was coming into the station, and Autrey knew the man would be killed, so he quickly jumped onto the tracks and covered the man with his body,” Trump continued.

“Autrey does construction work, and he has good instincts about confined spaces. He realized there might be a chance of survival if he could keep the man still until the train passed. It passed over them with inches to spare, so close that there was grease on Autrey's cap from the train,” Trump wrote.

“I have great respect for construction workers, and Wesley Autrey is a great example of why I do. They work hard, and every day requires courage. Autrey automatically became an influential person by merit of his extraordinary bravery, which I hope will encourage and inspire other people to follow his example,” Trump finished.

This is only one example of Donald Trump’s untold acts of kindness. Throughout Trump’s life, he has saved many people’s lives and gifted lots of money to those in need. Sadly, most Americans have never heard about Trump’s loving side, not only due to the mainstream media but also because Trump chooses to not talk about his actions, which makes him even more sincere.

This is the first article in an ongoing series recounting the untold stories from Donald Trump's life as a successful real estate developer, New Yorker, and presidential candidate where he went above and beyond for his fellow American. These are Trump's Untold Tales Of Kindness.

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Many major media and news personalities know of Trumps sincere kindness and helpfulness. Many of them owe their positions to Trump’s support. And yet, they attack him, showing they truly are traitorous, evil enemies of the people.


president tfump is a great man , yes he has made mistkes but none of us are perfect. i love the msn



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