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Reed Cooper

Reed Cooper is a 19-year-old die-hard supporter of President Trump. He has written pro-Trump news articles for his own news website and now writes for the DC Enquirer.

Ohio Secretary Of State Steps Up After Over 100 'Non-Citizens' Exposed As Registered Voters
By: Reed Cooper | On Tuesday, Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose ordered the removal of all "non-citizens" from the state's voter rolls after an investigation exposed over 100 illegal aliens registered to vote. Read More
Stormy Daniels To Leave The United States If Trump Is Acquitted
By: Reed Cooper | On Tuesday, the husband of porn "star" Stormy Daniels, Barrett Blade, told CNN in an interview with Erin Burnett that there's a "good chance" the couple will leave the United States if 45th President Donald Trump is acquitted in his Manhattan trial. Read More
Former Trump DC Hotel Struggles Under New Leadership Without Trump's Name, Set for Foreclosure Auction
By: Reed Cooper | The new owners of the famous Washington, D.C. Waldorf Astoria Hotel, known best for formerly being the Trump International Hotel until it was sold for $375 million to the CGI Merchant Group in 2022, are struggling without the name of 45th President Donald Trump on the building, so much so that the building could be sold in a foreclosure auction next month. Read More
Fundraising Legend Trump Set To Raise $15 Million From June Vegas Fundraiser
By: Reed Cooper | Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump is set to raise $15 million from a June 8 fundraiser hosted by retired Nevada businessman George Harris on behalf of the Save America PAC, the Republican National Committee, the Trump 47 Committee, and more. Read More
WATCH: Trump Slams Biden For Surrendering To 'College Campus Freaks' Like He 'Surrendered To The Taliban'
By: Reed Cooper | During his record-setting campaign rally in Wildwood Beach in New Jersey on Saturday, 45th President Donald Trump slammed President Joe Biden for "surrendering" to college campus "anarchists, jihadists, freaks, and anti-American extremists" just like he surrendered to the Taliban. Read More
WATCH: NY Giants NFL Hall Of Famer Lawrence Taylor - 'I've Always Been A Democrat Until I Met' Trump
By: Reed Cooper | On Saturday, 45th President Donald Trump was joined on the stage of a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, that was attended by over 100,000 people by New York Giants NFL Hall of Famer Lawrence Taylor and Super Bowl MVP O.J. Anderson, who both showed their support for Trump.  Read More
WATCH: Trump On 'No Longer Recognizable' Paris and London: 'We Can't Let That Happen' Here
By: Reed Cooper | On Wednesday, 45th President Donald Trump held a rally in Waukesha, Wisconsin, one of his first rallies since the start of his "kangaroo court" New York trial, and said Paris and London have become unrecognizable and "we can't let that happen to our country." Read More
‘BLONDE ELVIS’: Trump Courtroom Sketch Artist Enrages MSNBC As She Raves About ‘Handsome’ Trump
By: Reed Cooper | On Tuesday, Christine Cornell, a seasoned courtroom artist, shared her unique insights on 45th President Donald Trump during her three-decade-long career. In an interview with MSNBC's Ari Melber, Cornell revealed, "He hasn't been able to come anywhere near any press person... to have any kind of conversation or to feel a little bit of humanity." When asked whether she had spoken with Trump during previous trials, Cornell responded, "Always."  Read More
WATCH: Trump Posts Legendary Solar Eclipse 2024 Video: 'WE WILL SAVE AMERICA'
By: Reed Cooper | On Sunday afternoon, 45th President Donald Trump posted a one-minute and twenty-five-second solar eclipse video from X, formerly Twitter user @PapiTrumpo, to his top-rated social media platform, Truth Social, that began with the phrase, "The most important moment in human history is taking place in 2024." The video then showed crowds gathering to watch a solar eclipse with protective eyewear on. Read More
'WILL OF THE PEOPLE': Trump Releases His Long-Awaited Abortion Stance
By: Reed Cooper | On Monday morning, 45th President Donald Trump released his highly anticipated statement on abortion, announcing he supports IVF, doesn't support a federal abortion ban, will leave abortion up to the states, is pro-life, but supports exceptions for rape, incest, and life of the mother. Read More
REED COOPER: Trump Is More Fit And Healthy Than Ever Before, Despite Media Lies
By: Reed Cooper | Despite fake news media lies, every single American can see that President Trump is more fit, successful, and healthy than ever before. Read More
Brandon Gill Praises ‘Hero’ Cory Mills For Doing What Biden Won’t: ‘Biden Abandons Americans Abroad’
By: Reed Cooper | On Tuesday, the Republican nominee for Texas 26th Congressional District, Brandon Gill, praised Rep. Cory Mills (R-FL) for evacuating and rescuing a trapped and endangered group of Americans from Michigan abandoned by President Joe Biden. Read More
Trump Makes Clear That He, NOT Biden, Is Protected By The Presidential Records Act: 'The DOJ Gave Biden A Free Pass'
By: Reed Cooper | On Tuesday, former Special Counsel Robert Hur testified about President Joe Biden's handling of classified information before the House Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill and made clear he "did not exonerate" Biden of crimes, even though he chose not to hold Biden accountable. Read More
Texas Judge Hands Trump & America A Major Victory, Orders Biden To Build Border Wall
By: Reed Cooper | In a major victory for 45th President Donald Trump and the American people, Federal Judge Drew Tipton issued a preliminary injunction ordering President Joe Biden's administration to continue building a border wall along the United States/Mexico border. Read More

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