New York Times Freelancers Caught Praising Hitler

Two freelance reporters who have worked for the New York Times have been uncovered espousing anti-Semitic language on social media that idolized the Holocaust and praised the death of Israeli Defense Force (IDF) soldiers.

One of these freelancers is Soliman Hijjy, who has had his filmography featured by the New York Times between 2018 and 2021. He wrote, “How great you are, Hitler” in a Facebook post in 2012, per HonestReporting.

In 2018, when his work was being used by the Times, he wrote, “I’m in tune like Hitler during the holocaust” or “in a state of harmony as Hitler was during the Holocaust” alongside a photo of himself. In a separate post as well, he called rocket attacks toward the state of Israel. “the resistance,” according to Fox News Digital.

While Hijjy was espousing these beliefs, another freelance photographer utilized by the Times, Hosam Salem, was sharing similar ideas.

In the past, Salam has praised Hamas such as with a 2011 bus bombing in Jerusalem that killed two and injured 39 and the capture of an IDF soldier who was later killed which he described as the “resistance captur[ing] a Zionist soldier.”

He continued this trend by praising two more terrorist attacks in 2015, mourning the death of a Hamas operative who killed four IDF soldiers in 2014, and he called for more violence in 2018 after he was hired by the Times, following an attack on IDF soldiers in the West Bank, per HonestReporting.


The New York Times told HonestReporting that they are looking into the social media posts by the two freelancers.

The New York newspaper has a reputation for associating itself with anti-Semitic journalists in the past. Just this month, they were forced to sever ties with a producer named Fady Hanona who expressed that she wanted to kill Jewish children, the elderly, and soldiers.

“I don’t accept a Jew, Israeli or Zionist, or anyone else who speaks Hebrew. I’m with killing them wherever they are children, elderly people, and soldiers,” the freelancer wrote in Arabic on a Facebook post. “In the end, the Jews are sons of the dogs and I am in favor of killing them and burning them like Hitler did to them. I would be extremely happy.”

She also has praised Hitler in the past with a 2014 Facebook post reading, “As Hitler said, give me a Palestinian soldier and a German weapon, and I will make Europe crawl on its fingertips.” 

The New York Times told Fox News Digital that they are no longer working with her. Despite this, a pattern has developed in the newspaper that highlights the promotion of anti-Semitic writers in the internationally publicized paper. Perhaps the Times editorial board should spend less time sounding off on Democrat talking points and more time actually vetting their staff.

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