Jim Jordan Destroys New Woke Disney Pixar Movie In One Tweet

Representative Jim Jordan is not bashful. He is not afraid to make his voice heard. And luckily for us, he makes his voice heard on the regular. He is a staple on America First news orgs. He has a treasured place on the Judiciary Committee. And he made his feelings felt yesterday when he bashed the woke Buzz Lightyear movie, a film that has performed terribly at the box office.

As we reported, Jim Jordan is in the news with frequency. Earlier this year, he announced some major actions to be taken by the Republican Party after 2022:

“There are three critically important [investigations] … All the lies from the misinformation, and disinformation from Fauci and the CDC.

Second is the border…

Third, the weaponization of the DOJ and parts of Government to go specifically against parents. But those three, there’s others, but those are the top three. And all three have connections to the Judiciary Committee” 

These are statements only an America First Patriot could make! We applaud Jim Jordan’s upstanding character, his commitment to the American dream, and above all, his attachment to truth. It’s unfortunate we could not have a man like Jim Jordan on the January 6 committee — running it with his trademark rigor and forcefulness, exposing the clear bias of the Democrat Party in 2022.

That commitment to truth and justice showed forth Wednesday when Jordan bashed the new woke Disney-Pixar film ‘Buzz Lightyear’. Now, this movie is performing terribly — it was expected to be an absolute blockbuster.  Many have speculated the reason for this mediocre performance is a ‘lesbian kiss scene’ — a scene which has stirred quite the controversy.

Now, people are not boycotting the movie because they are supposedly “homophobic”. They are likely not watching it because it lacks substance, and they don’t want to explain a nation-dividing controversy after a kid’s film to their four-year-old. Jim Jordan knows that. And he tweeted his mind. Here is his tweet:

He is right indeed. Everything woke turns to, you know. And that held true this past weekend and will hold true till the end of time.

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