Karine Jean-Pierre Insinuates Joe Biden Will Not Take Cognitive Exam During His Physical

On Monday, Karine Jean-Pierre, press secretary for the Biden White House, subtly insinuated that President Joe Biden will likely forgo taking a cognitive exam alongside his annual physical exam. This comes as Americans become increasingly concerned about the Commander-in-Chief's mental state, especially in light of special counsel Robert Hur's damning report. That report indicated Biden's poor memory would make a criminal trial in Biden's classified document case unwarranted, despite his clear volition in withholding classified documents.

After a reporter asked Karine Jean-Pierre when Biden would take his physical, the White House press secretary claimed Biden would take his yearly physical but provided no real timetable for when that would be. Jean-Pierre was then asked if Biden would take a cognitive exam, to which she replied, "Look, I got this question last week, as well. And I'm just going to say what the — what Dr. O'Connor [Biden's doctor] — it's kind of a — what he said to me about a year ago when the report came out last year, obviously, on his physical, which is the president proves every day how he operates, how he thinks — right? — by dealing with world leaders, by making really difficult decisions on behalf of the — the American people, whether it's domestic, whether it's national security."

Jean-Pierre continued, adding, "And so, he shows it every day on how he thinks, how he operates. And so, that is how — that is how Dr. O'Connor sees it. And that's how I'm going to leave it." Of course, Biden has only shown Americans reasons to be concerned -- his competence as president is unclear at best and terrifying at worst. That's why an NBC poll showed 76 percent of Americans were concerned about Biden's mental fitness -- and they have every reason to be suspicious.

After reporters pushed Jean-Pierre on the subject, the White House press secretary replied, "I mean, look — and I talked about this last week, too, on, I believe, whenever — on Friday. I have known this president since 2009. I — he is not just my — my boss, but, you know, he's also some- — a mentor to me. And I spent sometimes countless hours with him, whether it's in the Oval Office, whether it's on the road. And I believe, for me — you're asking me my personal opinion — he is sharp. He is on top of things."

These remarks are unpersuasive -- Biden is clearly not on top of things. And with his mental decline becoming increasingly more apparent each passing day, we, the people, demand a president we can trust -- and that man is not Joe Biden. 


  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images / Getty Images
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