Kimberly Guilfoyle Keys Us In On Trump’s HUGE 2024 Decision

2024 could be very big for the Trump movement. After dominating the airwaves in 2020, President Donald Trump has been quiet over the last year or so. The media establishment rolled against the former President, as they had so often before. But Trump was readying himself for battle, honing his skills for his ultimate revenge. 2022 could be the start of something huge for the MAGA and the America First philosophy. Trump has introduced a new social media platform, allowing his voice to be heard by all of his followers, free of the rampant big-tech censorship we have come to expect. Trump, as the innovative entrepreneur he is, could not sit back idly, waiting for his ban to be removed. He decided to fight Twitter and Facebook where it hurt — their wallets.

Truth Social is looking to be a major competitor to the rule of the Social Media oligarchs, and perhaps it will be the final nail in the coffin to their monopolies. He has also endorsed a string of American First candidates to forever change the Republican Establishment. RINO’s like Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney are the way of the past. Donald Trump and MAGA are the future. Trump is the Republican Party and 2024 will signal the final changing of the guard.

During her speech at CPAC yesterday, Former Fox Host Kimberly Guilfoyle revealed some shocking news. Kimberly Guilfoyle has direct access to the Trump family, being the girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr. What she said about 2022 and 2024 is sure to make many a Conservative happy. Trump is back!

Here is the transcript:

“We will never allow them [Democrats], no longer, to radically change America in their far-left woke image. And as President Trump said, this is just the start. The MAGA movement is alive and well. We will show the Democrats first-hand that elections have consequences when we win a record number of seats in the midterms — and that is just step one. Step two is reclaiming the White House and returning President Trump to the Oval Office. I pray about this, and I am confident that if we are lucky to have President Trump make that sacrifice again, then he will defeat Joe Biden!”

President Trump is ready to pounce. We are excited to see the results and the end of Joe Biden’s disastrous reign. The Dems are scared, and they know their time in power is soon over.

Here is the full video:


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