HUNTER BIDEN’S ‘Laptop from Hell’ Repairman BLASTS CORRUPT FBI For Blatant Hypocrisy And Double Standard, After Raid On Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Home

After the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI’s) raid of Former President Donald Trump’s Mar-A-Lago estate in Florida earlier this week, John Paul Mac, the repairman of the notoriously infamous “laptop from hell” — which belonged to President Joe Biden’s son Hunter — came out against those actions during an interview with “Fox & Friends FIRST” on Thursday, calling it a “blatant double standard.”

Mac stated he and his family have, “witnessed the bias in the FBI going back as far as October of 2019 when they refused to touch the Hunter Biden laptop with a ten-foot poll.”

“A whistleblower on the left gets anonymity and gets to have their person remain intact while I blow the whistle and I have to flee the state with death threats,” he added.

The FBI has been widely criticized for its preferential treatment of those on the left, especially given how they handled the Hillary Clinton email scandal back in 2016, to more recent investigations into overseas business dealings and highly questionable tax-funded excursions, conducted by Hunter Biden.

When asked what stood out the most on Hunter’s laptop, Mac replied: “When I saw how Hunter and Devon [Archer] approached the conflict in Ukraine back in 2014, they saw it as a money-making opportunity.”

He added, “They saw a lot of money pouring into the Ukraine, a lot of lack of oversight of that money, and then they saw a lot of rich oligarchs that were trying to embezzle that money, and they wanted to find a way to use the State Department and the power of the vice president to protect that money for these rich oligarchs in exchange for a kickback.”



The FBI and American justice system has colluded with the country’s top political figures on the left, to propagate false stories regarding Russia/Trump collusion — and a multitude of other tall tales targeting those on the right — who usually prove to be nothing more than ordinary citizens.

It would appear some form of the “good-ole-boy” buddy system still exists within the top tiers of the nation’s federal agencies. Entities that no longer mind showing obvious favor to those they deem unblemished– usually through a political or personal association, such as a family connection.

As mentioned in previous DCE coverage, even key figures on the left have pointed out the witch-hunt which led to an FBI raid on Trump was extreme.

Even former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said it could end up being viewed as a “political tactic,” and former presidential candidate Andrew Yang chimed in to say Trump’s theme of the government oppression is taking root, as the raid only “strengthens that case for millions of Americans who will see this as unjust persecution.”

Remember to go vote in November. It won’t just be for the election of right or left politicians on the ballot — it will be for the soul of the freest nation in the world. Let’s hope the country chooses wisely.

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