Elitist Liberal States Seek to Offer Abortion Safe Haven For Out-of-State Women

Liberal governors from California, Oregon, and Washington are seeking to establish abortion safe havens for women living in red or purple areas of the country, to counter the Supreme Court Dobbs decision which struck down Roe v. Wade, allowing each state to express its own voice on the issue.

Despite the aforementioned states having major issues with rampant drug abuse, addiction, rising crime, and high taxes — a “Multi-state Commitment to Reproductive Freedom” pact was published on California’s official government website late last month, stating that abortion would remain a top priority.

It was signed by Govs. Gavin Newsom, Kate Brown, and Jay Inslee respectively.

The U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn half a century of settled precedent and rescind the U.S. Constitution’s protection of reproductive freedom jeopardizes safe access to reproductive healthcare across the United States,” part of the letter reads. 

Today, over half the states in this country outright ban or severely restrict access to abortion,” it continued.In many states, patients, doctors, and other health care providers now face criminal prosecution for receiving or providing abortion health care. Health care providers also face civil liability or loss of their medical licenses.”


The statement went on to say, “the undersigned states will defend access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion and contraceptives.”

Several bullet points were then listed stating how these blue areas of the country would protect people against, “states hostile to abortion rights to target patients who receive legal reproductive healthcare services in our states.”

The governors then promised further protection “against judicial and local law enforcement cooperation with outofstate investigations, inquiries, and arrests regarding the provision of, receipt of, inquiry about, or assistance with obtaining abortion and other reproductive healthcare services that are legal in our states.”

In addition, each official claimed they would refuse to extradite anyone for “criminal prosecution for receiving legal reproductive healthcare services in our states,” or for “supporting patients in accessing reproductive healthcare services in our states, or providing legal reproductive healthcare services in our states, and charge our state judiciaries with not issuing subpoenas or summons in cases where prosecution is pending, or where a grand jury investigation has commenced.”

The letter concludes by pledging to defend abortion providers as well, at all costs, up to and including further executive action to push back against the High Court’s ruling.

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