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A Kenosha, Wisconsin man killed an alleged intruder Friday after the assailant attacked him in his home after terrorizing an entire neighborhood.

The Kenosha Police Department posted the following details on their Facebook about the ongoing “death investigation.”

“KPD is in the 6900 block of 64th Ave conducting a death investigation. Officers initially responded to the area around 7:20 pm for a suspicious subject that was reportedly damaging vehicles at random and attempting to enter several homes unknown to him. The intruder forced his way into one of the houses and attacked the homeowner. The homeowner fought back and the intruder was subsequently killed during the struggle.”

According to reports, the assailant was unhinged in his violence. As Milwaukee’s TMJ4 WMTJ-TV adds:

“Jayme Raddatz lives in the area, and said his family was about to have a movie night, when they heard yelling outside. He went upstairs and saw his neighbor struggling with the intruder.

‘The guy was going absolutely crazy, throwing rocks at cars, houses,” Raddatz said. “He had his arm in trying to open the door. My neighbor was beating on his arm screaming for help.'”


Reports also indicate this intrusion happened in a relatively-safe neighborhood.

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“It was very shocking; this is a wonderful neighborhood,” another witness added.

While details surrounding the death are scant at the moment, this seems like another clear-cut case of the right and sacred prerogative of self-preservation and defense. As crime is increasing in lawless liberal areas, Americans cannot surrender human rights to the government. The Federal Government is so removed from her citizenry she can scarcely be trusted in defending them against the most immediate and pressing of evils.  Now more than ever, we must stand up for that which is sacred. While we do not know if the man used a gun in self-defense, we do recognize the pertinence of this case to the broader debate.

While tyrants like Justin Trudeau claim self-protection is not a fundamental right (which is why Canadians don’t have it in his view — at least not constitutionally), America First patriots know better. We have a right to preserve ourselves and our kin from unjust intrusions that threaten continued existence. Our rights are just too valuable to give up for nothing.