Melania Trump Goes After the White House Historical Association After It ‘Fails to Accurately Represent’ Her Restoration Efforts

Former First Lady Melania Trump is reportedly at odds with The White House Historical Association after the organization published its 26th Edition of ‘The White House: An Historic Guide’, now celebrating its 60th year in print. The text, iconic for its meticulous cataloging of the White House through the last half-century from Presidents Kennedy to Biden has allegedly omitted significant work undertaken by Mrs. Trump to restore and preserve the White House.

According to The Daily Mail, the guide only shows a small fraction of the massive undertaking by the then-First Lady noting that “her deliberate styling of the furniture and accessories was significantly rearranged.”

The images in the guide were taken during the opening days of the Biden administration and many feature the work of Mrs. Trump to restore the 230-year-old historic residence, one of her most pressing responsibilities as First Lady.

The Office of Melania Trump told in a statement,

“Unfortunately, the 26th Edition of The White House: An Historic Guide fails to accurately represent the breadth and detail of Mrs. Trump’s design work in and around the White House.”

Trump’s office told the outlet that The Yellow Oval Room, the Queen’s Bedroom, and the Center Hall in the President’s private residence which were featured prominently in the guide were all refurnished at Trump’s orders.

Mrs. Trump’s office told the Mail that the images fail to reflect the work done by her in collaboration with designer Tham Kannalikham. It added, that the layout and styling of furniture were “significantly rearranged.”


“Preserving the history of the People’s House for future generations was something that Mrs. Trump was very passionate about and took very seriously. She and her design team worked tirelessly to beautify the White House, but only a small amount of their creative execution adorns the pages of this book. In fact, her deliberate styling of the furniture and accessories was significantly rearranged throughout the book’s images,” the statement continued.

According to the Mail, a source with knowledge of Mrs. Trump’s redesigns told the British outlet, “The Association slighted Mrs. Trump and her design team, who helped by deliberately leaving out details regarding the work they did. It is extremely disappointing.”

They added,

“It is very unprofessional that no one from WHHA reached out to Mrs. Tham Kannalikham, who worked closely with Mrs. Trump on all of the White House projects. They were both blindsided by this book, which lacks many facts.”

First Lady Melania Trump’s work to restore and refurbish the White House was extensive, laborious, well-documented, and sometimes controversial.

Her renovation of the Rose Garden to “return the garden more to its original 1962 design under Kennedy,” as the White House explained in August 2020 drew harsh, and blatantly inaccurate criticism from the left-leaning media.

So many publications sought to marginalize the former First Lady and her accomplishments that Architectural Digest of all magazines felt compelled to put the criticism to rest.

They wrote,

“The Rose Garden as the world has long known it is a bit of a creative sham, sort of like the White House itself, of which little historic interior fabric remained after President Harry S. Truman gutted the place. Hand-wringers might be interested to know that Mellon’s original crab apples, a 1928 pale-pink variety called Katherine, disappeared for good in 2003, when, having grown too large, they were replaced with younger examples. Those were replaced in 2010 and again in 2019, when Katherine was superseded by Spring Snow, a Canadian white-flowering variety that dates to 1963. The latter trees, which didn’t thrive, are reportedly being relocated elsewhere on the White House property.”

Now in 2023, the White House Historical Association is added to the list of organizations that have taken issue with the efforts of a hard-working First Lady, because her husband is Donald J. Trump.

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