‘Dirty Jobs’ Host Mike Rowe Calls Out Student Loan Forgiveness Farce: ‘I Can Find Nothing To Respect In The President’s Decision’

TV personality and former ‘Dirty Jobs’ host Mike Rowe took to his Facebook page Wednesday, offering legitimate criticisms of President Joe Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan.

“I work hard on this page…  to avoid the politics of the moment, and comment only on topics that impact the foundation I’m proud to run – a foundation that awards work-ethic scholarships to individuals who choose to forego an expensive, four-year education in favor of a skilled trade.” Rowe writes.

“When I do weigh in, I try to acknowledge both sides of the argument, and make my points with as much respect as I can muster. Today, however, I can see only one side. Today, I can find nothing to respect in the President’s decision to transfer billions of dollars in outstanding student loans onto the backs of those people my foundation tries to assist – the same people I’ve spent the last twenty years profiling on Dirty Jobs. ”

We cannot agree more. President Biden’s plan is unfair to hardworking Americans who toiled and labored to contribute to society in ways that didn’t require a college education.


Rowe’s show Dirty Jobs detailed how hardworking men and women contributed to our functioning society– in ways most of the college-educated couldn’t dream of doing.  In many ways, the student loan forgiveness plan is an increased wealth tax on the hardest-working Americans.

“The plan will cancel up to $10,000 and is seen by many as having blue-collar workers pay for the debts of college graduates. Additionally, Biden announced that he will be extending the pause on student loan payments for borrowers until December 31, notably just after the midterm elections…” the DC Enquirer writes.

“A new analysis by the Penn Wharton Budget Model found that such a program will cost the taxpayer $300 billion in the first year with, ’69 and 73 percent of the debt forgiven accrues to households in the top 60 percent of the income distribution.’”

“The average cost per taxpayer to pay for failed college graduates who got degrees in social justice would come out to nearly $2,100 largely driven by increased taxes on everyday Americans.”

These numbers are troubling. Biden is effectively bribing voters. The Democrat Party should be ashamed!

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