Marine Vet Unloads on Biden’s Student Debt Scam: ‘I Cannot Believe I Gave Two Legs For My Tuition’

Retired Marine Vet and Fox News Contributor Johnny “Joey” Jones hammered President Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan on Twitter, claiming it was unfair to those who sacrificed their livelihood for the possibility of attending college.

“I cannot believe I gave two legs for my tuition. What a dope I am. Ooh-rah!” Jones wrote.

As the Daily Wire reports “Jones lost both legs and suffered serious damage to his right forearm and both wrists in 2010 while serving as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD/Bomb) technician in Afghanistan.”

Biden’s student loan forgiveness plan will forgive $10,000 dollars in debt to those making under $125,000 and $20,000 dollars to those who received a pell grant in college. The tax burden is monumental — especially on those Americans who did not attend college. As the DC Enquirer reports:


“The plan will cancel up to $10,000 and is seen by many as having blue-collar workers pay for the debts of college graduates. Additionally, Biden announced that he will be extending the pause on student loan payments for borrowers until December 31, notably just after the midterm elections…

“A new analysis by the Penn Wharton Budget Model found that such a program will cost the taxpayer $300 billion in the first year with, ’69 and 73 percent of the debt forgiven accrues to households in the top 60 percent of the income distribution.'”

Also noteworthy is the tax burden it will place on the backs of everyday Americans. As the New York Post reports:

“Based on that analysis, the National Taxpayers Union Foundation worked out the average cost of Biden’s announcement to $2,085.59 per taxpayer.

‘Some may dispute that taxpayers bear the cost of canceling student debt… But the $329 billion cost of student debt cancellation would be $329 billion previously borrowed from the federal government and not returning to the Treasury. Policymakers will need to make up for that gap in the future with government spending cuts, tax increases, more borrowing, or some combination thereof.'”

It is quite sad that those who sacrificed their well-being for our country will be forced to shoulder such a heavy burden. Our troops and veterans deserve better than Biden.

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