Missouri Passes Critical Legislation Protecting Children From Transgender Treatment And Barring Men From Women's Sports

On Wednesday, Missouri lawmakers passed a bill that would create major restrictions on transgender minors' access to surgeries as well as prevent transgenders from participating in women's sporting events. 

Under the new bill, minors in Missouri are completely barred from access to puberty blockers, hormones, or sex reassignment surgery under the bill. The bill goes further, also blocking prisoners and inmates from accessing the surgery, as well as revoking Medicaid support on any ‘gender-affirming’ care within the state. 

Another bill would ban biological boys and men from participating in female sports teams, regardless of their gender identity. The ban would apply from kindergarten through college, at both private and public schools. Schools that go against the law would lose all state funding. 

Governor Mike Parson (R-MO) has not signed the laws yet but is pretty much guaranteed to sign them. Parson previously warned lawmakers that if they didn’t pass the bills before the normal end of the session, he would keep lawmakers working past the session's end. 

The bills are set to begin taking place on August 28th and will expire in 2027 due to a concession Republicans had to make in order to get the bills through. 

Republicans in Missouri's House spoke of the victory in passing the massive legislation. Representative Brad Hudson (R) told colleagues “When you have kids being surgically and or chemically altered for life for no good reason, yes, it’s time for the government to get involved,” per KMOV 4

During the debate of the bill, Democrats pulled out the waterworks, crying over the discussion. Democrats have attempted to claim that “To deny these children care is to deny them their very existence,” according to Representative Joe Adams. 

While this legislation was going through the Missouri legislature, Kansas City began opening a hearing on whether or not to designate the city an official sanctuary for transgender people seeking medical treatment or doctors providing it, per AP News

Supporters of the idea have warned Kansas City of the likely retaliation they would receive from the state, but the council members are currently still looking to go forward with the initiative. 

Missouri joins the list of states restricting gender-changing procedures for minors as well as transgender athletes' participation in women's sports. The list of states protecting their youth from the harmful indoctrination of children into the dangerous LGBTQ ideology continues to grow ever larger, only spelling hope for future generations breaking free from the binds. 

  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Tamir Kalifa/Getty Images / Getty Images
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