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Firebrand conservative and U.S. House Member Marjorie Taylor Green (GA-14) is holding firm to her views against gender reassignment surgery for children with body dysphoria. Despite having been continually harassed, threatened, and even “swatted” multiple times, the Congresswoman from Georgia refuses to back down against the woke mob that insists children with underdeveloped brains are equipped to make permanently-altering changes to their bodies.

Rep. Greene, who recently introduced a piece of legislation called the “Protect Children’s Innocence Act,” also released a campaign ad highlighting the fact that allowing children to be “castrated” is evil and constitutes child abuse.

The congresswoman’s comments go against the woke narrative driven by President Joe Biden, Surgeon General Rachel Levine, and the rest of the woke left who believe gender reassignment surgery for children is a “life-saving” form of healthcare.

As part of the American public, voters have the responsibility and the obligation to see through the polarizing narratives set forth by the woke agenda pushers to quickly understand that the term “life-saving” in regards to gender reassignment surgery is contextually drastically misused.


In the wake of the continued peddling of transgender surgeries for the youth in recent years, many doctors and scientists have come out against such operations, citing that, in many cases, an underdeveloped brain is not equipped with the decision-making abilities to make such a life-altering decision. In fact, according to many experts, the brain is not fully developed until the age of 25, including the decision-making part of the brain.

A perfect example of parents implementing their toxic mind-control onto their children is a video that went viral a few years ago, in which a child, his sibling, and his mother were participating in a live stream. He was later commenting on the LGBTQ community, in which he remarked that his mother didn’t care if he was gay or not but that if he chose not to be a part of the community, his mother would “convince” him to join it. The mother quickly chimed in to get the boy to stop revealing the truth of what goes on in the family’s home; however, the boy persisted with the pressures his mom applies to him.

Thankfully, many American’s still believe that providing the option to minors to receive such procedures is not only cruel but closely borders child endangerment. Undoubtedly, many of these children are raised in environments in which far-left ideology is cultivated daily, and their parents heavily influence their decisions.

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