Marjorie Taylor Greene Takes Major Stand Against Child Drag Show Performances

Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has never been bashful. Time after time, she has made her voice heard loud and clear — supporting the America First agenda of Donald Trump. And that agenda is not just an economic one — it is not merely a new set of tax codes or a change in posture towards China. America First is not merely a foreign policy agenda — centering on the primacy of the American people’s interest in world affairs.

Instead, it is a complete cultural overhaul. Republicans have surrendered the culture to the Radical Left for too long. That is what gave the Left the gumption to go into the classrooms of our children, spreading debunked gender ideology and critical race theory.

America is nothing without her culture, and MAGA patriots like Marjorie Taylor Greene are fighting back in the political sphere — with all the fire and fury you’d expect from a politician of her caliber. That’s why she is standing against drag show performances for children — a completely sensible proposal that nearly everyone would have been down with until five seconds ago.

Now, such a proposal is not inherently hateful. Many are opposed to children’s drag shows on very rational, principled grounds. Take this quote from a Pennsylvania drag show story we covered last month:

“Parent William Crawford said he is angered by the event, which he believed was inappropriate. He noted, however, that his feelings were not an attack on the LGBT community.

“I fear this will get a pass in fear of offending the LGBT community,” Crawford said. “If we brought in Chippendales dancers for the heterosexual girls … would that be OK?”

His question is a good one. And you cannot accuse him of being a bigot. Similarly, Marjorie Taylor Greene is not bigoted for taking issue with the radical agenda pushed by child groomers everywhere. Right after the tweet that today’s story will cover, Marjorie Taylor Greene, posted the following:

So her comments are not targeting any adults who choose to partake. But she wants to protect the children, and she wants to with a passion:

She made her voice heard loud and clear! Our children are just too valuable to waste to the pipedreams of the Radical Left. In 2022, we will make our voices heard, electing other America First patriots like MTG to represent us on the highest stage.

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