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Following Elon Musk’s announcement to drop out of his anticipated $44 billion buyout of Twitter, the company has the option to sue and compel him into completing the transaction anyway.

Unfortunately for Twitter, this would mean laying bare the actual amount of bots and bot activity occurring on the platform. This was Musk’s original source of contention when considering the purchase and ultimately, the final price of the deal.

Musk took the opportunity to embarrass those at the social media giant, by posting an original meme poking fun at Twitter’s complete lack of control over the situation — as well as his prediction of a slew of incoming victories against the company.


Musk continued to jab at Twitter with another post featuring actor Chuck Norris, sitting at a chess board with a single white pawn.

While the situation remains murky from those outside the inner circle, Musk’s actions imply he may have maneuvered in such a way that any final outcome proves beneficial for him — or at the very least, detrimental to Twitter.

As of Monday, Twitter’s stock price had dropped over 7 percent following Musk’s announcement to walk away from the deal – an indication of his leverage over the tech company.

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Overall, it seems Twitter is incapable of keeping up with Musk’s maneuvering and will come out permanently scarred by the Tesla CEO’s actions.