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A stepfather who severely abused his stepson was just sentenced to multiple life sentences in Florida earlier this month. The child was saved by a brave waitress who noticed something amiss.

Timothy Lee Wilson took his wife and 11-year-old stepson to eat at the Mrs. Potato Head restaurant in Orlando, Florida on New Years’ Day 2021 when waitress Flavaine Carvalho noticed bruises on the boy’s arms and face. Food was also not ordered for the boy who was 20 pounds underweight.

Carvalho wrote a note to the child when the parents weren’t looking asking “do you need help?” to which the boy nodded. She then called the police: “I’m super concerned and I don’t know what to do, can you give me some advice? What I can do?” Carvalho told police. “The boy is with bruises and he’s not eating. The others are eating,” per the Daily Wire.

“SEE SOMETHING SAY SOMETHING: An Orlando restaurant manager saw a family withholding food from an 11-year-old boy at a table,” the Orlando Police Department wrote. “She noticed bruises on his body and created this sign to secretly ask the child if he needed help.”

“When he signaled “Yes,” she called us. The stepfather & mother were arrested,” the post explained, adding, “Keep following us; you’ll soon hear from the waitress in her own words, how she stepped up to help rescue a child she had never met.”


After taking the boy to the hospital, the police found that he had bruises all over his body after his stepfather tortured him by forcing the child to do 30-minute planks and beating him if the 11-year-old failed. The boy also told police that ratchet straps were wrapped around his ankles and neck and that he had been beaten with a wooden broom while handcuffed.

“What this child had gone through, it was torture,” a police spokesperson stated. “Seeing what that 11-year-old had to go through, it shocks your soul.” 

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“She rescued a boy from some dangerous abuse,” Orlando police said of the brave waitress. “By saying something when she saw something, Ms. Carvalho displayed courage and care for a child she had never even met before, and we’re proud someone like Ms. Carvalho lives and works in our community.”

The boy’s mother, Kristen Swann, is also facing abuse charges and will face sentencing on September 16, according to

“I feel relieved and with a sense of justice gratitude that he got what he deserved,” Carvalho told the Daily Mail. “I also feel happy because the best thing is that the boy now lives a healthy life, protected and receiving a lot of love, affection, care, and respect.”

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