Peter Doocy CLAPS BACK At Biden For Calling Him A “Stupid Son Of A B****”

As we reported yesterday, Biden’s unprofessionalism is clear for all to see. More and more Americans are waking up to the false bill of goods they were sold. This is no surprise. Joe Biden has never been the grandfather figure the media marketed him as. From attacks on iconic judicial nomineesto outright racism,  to threats against the sitting President, Joe Biden is anything but the friendly, lovable, and unassuming “Scranton Joe” character we saw during the primaries and the election. It was all a thinly-veiled politician act — embarrassingly shallow and manifestly contrived.

To recap, Joe Biden viciously attacked Fox News House Correspondent Peter Doocy yesterday. President Biden was speaking at a press gathering. Doocy, asking a reasonable question about inflation — which has risen astronomically during Biden’s presidency — was turned away by staff as Biden’s question and answer period had ended. Biden classlessly took the opportunity to mumble, on a hot-mic, that Peter Doocy was a “son of a b***.”

Here is the video once more:


Absolutely shocking. Now, Peter Doocy, being turned away when President Biden uttered the expletive, had no direct knowledge of the remark. However, later that night, on Fox News’ “The Five,” Doocy offered a response of sorts to this truly heinous insult — spoken by the most powerful man on earth no less.

Here is a transcript:

“In the longer version of the clip there was a group of reporters that were all gathered, we listen to him explain the competition council — which is the reason that he’s having this meeting with most of the cabinet.

After giving the relevant context, Doocy continued:

“And somebody shouted out a question about Russia. And the President said, “I’m not going to take questions about anything off-topic,” so I shouted out something that’s not on my two pages of questions about crime.”

So Doocy asked the President a sensible question about inflation

“Okay, what about inflation? Do you think inflation is a political liability in the midterms?”

Doocy’s question is a question most Americans are wondering about. Inflation is an issue that affects everyone. Biden has admitted the urgent nature of inflation in the past. So it would be utterly baffling if Biden downplayed inflation, or even worse, belittled the questioner. Such utopian thinking is wrongheaded in the Biden presidency — where standards of decorum are rarely met.

Doocy was informed later about the President’s attack. Doocy recounts it as follows:

“‘Did you hear what the president said?’”  Another reporter said to Doocy, before following up

“‘He called you a stupid a SOB.’ And I [Doocy] said did he say, ‘SOB?’ And the person said no.’”

Jesse Watters, host of “Watters’ World”, chuckled as he replied “I think the President’s right — you are a stupid SOB”.

To which Peter Doocy replied, “yeah, no one has fact-checked him yet and said it was not true.”

Peter Doocy handled Biden’s insults with grace and class. Hopefully our President can learn those virtues. After grilling Trump for his remarks to the media for five years, we expect better.

Full Video:

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