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A Pennsylvania state trooper was shot during a struggle on Friday, after police witnessed a disturbance outside the Franklin Mini-Mart, as they were on patrol near Franklin Avenue.

Officers approached the suspect, now identified as Damian Bradford, 41, who ran into the nearby store according to CBS News.

The law enforcement officers then followed the suspect into the store where the altercation began, leading Bradford to open fire, hitting the trooper in the leg.

Following the shooting, the trooper was airlifted to the University of Pittsburg Medical Center (UPMC) Presbyterian Hospital and is reportedly expected to recover from his wounds.


The police department has yet to announce official charges against Bradford who, according to KDKA, was the same individual who admitted to shooting and killing Dr. Gulam H. Moonda — along the Ohio Turnpike in 2005.

Bradford, who was released from prison last year, had testified against Moonda’s wife telling the court it was a case of murder-for-hire.

With the rising crime rates in cities across the country, officers continue to put their lives on the line to protect law-abiding citizens.

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They apprehend criminals who wish to do them harm, many of whom are repeat offenders, just like Mr. Bradford. Perhaps more thought should be given to defunding the police before our elected leaders start slashing their budgets — which could lead to similar officer-involved shootings with much deadlier consequences in the future.

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