President Biden’s Approval Ratings Crater, Demonstrating The Current President Is Less Popular Than Donald Trump!

Joe Biden’s approval rating is crashing before our very eyes. After enjoying astronomically high approval ratings early in the year — largely due to the availability of a vaccine he inherited from Trump’s Operation Warpspeed — Biden’s popularity has progressively declined as time has moved forward. With an approving media, one would expect Biden’s numbers to continue to soar. However, even the media cannot sugar coat many of Biden’s utterly egregious actions.

After Biden pulled out of Afghanistan in the most disastrous way possible, the President’s numbers dropped astronomically. Biden’s Afghanistan pullout was not popular and tanked what had been a popular presidency as far as polling statistics go. On top of that, the border crisis and the continued reality of COVID-19 have not been helpful to the President. Biden delegated the responsibility of handling the border to the even more unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris. Her winning disposition at that job is clearly non-existent — waiting till June of 2021 to even make an appearance at the southern border. There is not much evidence to suggest she has done much since. Biden has a 35 percent approval rating on the border, per recent polling. Similarly, Biden promised that he would not shut down the economy — he would shut down the virus. So far, that has not been true. The economy is being ravaged by crippling inflation. COVID is very much still a reality, and it looks as though the virus is here to stay.  Now at a 41.3 percent Real Clear Politics Average, Biden is in deep trouble.

The media may not even be able to save Biden’s collapsing Presidency. In fact, Biden’s approval rating is lower than President Trump’s at this point in 2018 — a little over a year into his presidency. Trump also achieved his numbers with virtually no mainstream media support. Some calculations have revealed that President Trump dealt with ninety percent plus media negativity during the beginning portion of his presidency. Biden has had a media who consistently praise his policies and disposition — both of which are inherently objectionable to the unbiased political observer. This is the same president who called Fox News’ Peter Doocy a “son of a B****” for no reason and whose policies have achieved nothing for America.

The Biden Presidency is failing, and it will be interesting to see how the administration attempts to rebound, with Republicans poised to clean up in the 2022 midterms. Biden has to be scared. It remains to be seen how he will respond.

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