Gill: President Trump Is About to Get His Biggest Vindication Yet


At midnight tonight, Joe Biden will shred Title 42, the final piece of President Trump’s wildly successful illegal immigration policy. In so doing, he will deliberately trigger the most significant land invasion the United States has ever seen.

President Trump first invoked Title 42 in March of 2020. The measure aimed to expel the waves of illegal aliens flooding our southern border –  potentially spreading the Chinese coronavirus. Citing public health concerns, Title 42 expedited the time required to send illegals back to Mexico (often within hours of arrest), legally circumventing the more sluggish measures previously in place.

It was a brilliant policy move, helping mitigate the pandemic at a time when the country was especially vulnerable to the disease. Moreover, while Democrats were fighting tooth and nail to defund and derail Trump's other highly effective border security measures, Title 42 proved legally resilient. Despite a barrage of legal attacks, courts upheld the policy, and it remained in place.

Donald Trump instinctively understood the vital importance of our nation's border better than any President in modern political history. Our border delineates the physical boundary of American sovereignty and the rule of law, an area within which civil society – and the representative institutions that govern it – can flourish. 

Without a border, these institutions, as well as our national identity, inevitably collapse. The meaning of American citizenship – both its privileges and responsibilities – evaporates. As Trump knew, we effectively cease to be a nation without borders.

Trump’s policies were astoundingly effective. Since March 2020, Title 42 has been used more than 2.8 million times to expel illegal aliens. But to the Left, border security is intolerable. 

Immediately after being sworn in, Biden gutted nearly every other Trump-era illegal immigration deterrent, including any remaining border wall construction. He even got rid of Trump's Remain in Mexico policy. His administration virtually invited illegals into the country with promises of free social services and, most importantly, lax border enforcement. Predictably, illegal alien apprehensions spiked as caravan after caravan - often controlled by drug cartels - made their way from South and Central America to the US Southern border.

The one remaining deterrent was Title 42. However, at midnight tonight, Biden will remove it, opening the floodgates for millions of illegal aliens to cross into the United States with little worry of being expelled.

It's hard to imagine a more dire situation. DHS warns that over 700,000 migrants are ready to cross the border immediately after Title 42 lapses. As John Binder of Breitbart points out, that’s a population that “exceeds the resident population of cities like Boston and Nashville, Tennessee.” That's enough to change the fundamental character of our nation. It would strain social services across the country beyond the breaking point and introduce a level of chaotic lawlessness on our border we have never previously seen. And that's just the beginning.

It took the arrival of a mere 8,000 migrants for open-borders Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot to declare a state of emergency. By comparison, once Title 42 is abandoned, El Paso - which has a quarter of the population of Chicago - is expected to take in 10,000 new migrants every single day. 

No city can withstand a sustained population surge of this magnitude. Illegal aliens require food, housing, policing, medical care, legal assistance, and a slew of other social services - all paid for by US taxpayers. The infrastructure simply doesn't exist.

But the even darker problem is the one then-candidate Trump identified in 2015, when he (in)famously declared "They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.” Turns out he was right. 

While Joe Biden and DHS Secretary Mayorkas try to score political points with grandiose statements about America's generosity, they are effectively inviting thousands of migrants - women and children included - into the hands of drug cartels who control vast swaths of territory between the US and South America. 

On their trip to America, illegals have to encounter kidnapping, rape, torture, and extortion. Border Patrol agents estimate that 60% of women and children trafficked through Central America and Mexico were sexually assaulted along the way. That includes one little girl whose vocal cords were so damaged from being sexually abused by gang members, she can no longer speak.


It's genuinely a deal from Hell. On the one hand, Biden and the Left pretend to be humanitarians, inviting the world's poor to make the horrific trip to an America that doesn't have the infrastructure to take them. 

Meanwhile, drug cartels in Central America and Mexico rake in an estimated $13 billion dollar annual windfall from human trafficking.

The only question now isn't how drug cartels and human traffickers will fare after the policy is removed. It's how many more billions of dollars will they make every single year from Biden's open borders. But perhaps what's most disturbing is that the logical basis for Title 42 hasn't gone away. 

Biden doesn't need to jettison one of the most crucial border security measures in place right now. Title 42's legal basis remains: covid might not be the public health emergency it was in 2020, but the opioid epidemic certainly is.

Removing Title 42 will inundate our streets with fentanyl, the overwhelming majority of which comes from drugs trafficked illegally over our southern border. The results will be devastating. Fentanyl is a synthetic narcotic 80 to 100 times more potent than morphine and 50x more dangerous than heroin. Over 67,000 Americans died from the drug in 2021 alone, and that number is expected to skyrocket in the coming years, mainly as Biden further opens American markets up for drug cartels to exploit.

But the people harmed are not the college-educated wokesters Biden and the Democrat Party now depend on. Nor will it likely impact Biden's biggest donors. Fentanyl rarely penetrates Manhattan's most agreeable buildings or Nantucket's gated estates.

Just as important, these people don't see their checkbooks shrink each month, but the rest of America will. There’s a reason so few Americans can support a middle-class family on a single income anymore. As Biden's open borders flood the country with cheap labor, wages fall. Washington may not see it, but the rest of us do. Instead, the real victims are the forgotten Americans: the factory workers in the Rust Belt; the farmers in the Deep South and the Great Plaines; the cattle ranchers in Texas; the welders, electricians, and plumbers across the nation.

 It's America's Blue Collar backbone that will bear the burden. Their communities will be overwhelmed with drugs, crime and low wages. Not Biden's.

Biden is luring vulnerable people into making desperate choices based on false promises of security. Open borders are tearing apart America's social fabric and will only get worse at midnight tonight. 

Miss Trump yet?

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