‘QAnon Shaman’s’ Lawyer Says DOJ Withheld January 6th Footage, Gives Update About Future Defense — ‘It’s Appalling’

An attorney representing the so-called ‘QAnon Shaman’ Jacob Chansley demanded all video footage that showed his client inside the Capitol building on January 6th repeatedly during trial. However, according to The Daily Wire, the lawyer never once received the stunning and potentially exonerating footage that was aired by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.

Chansley’s attorney, Albert Watkins long after his client plead guilty to felony charges thus receiving 41 months in prison, told Fox News that Department of Justice prosecutors were legally required to turn over the footage that Carlson revealed. They never did.

The court never saw Chansley walking peacefully, even easily through the Capital building, flanked at times by several officers with whom he chatted warmly and thanked for their assistance, even offering a prayer for them from the Senate rostrum.

According to The Daily Wire, Watkins said, “We did not receive that video footage.”“We asked for it, and not just once or twice. Whether we asked for it or not is irrelevant because the government had an absolute, non-compromisible duty to disclose that video and they did not do so.”

“And all the while, they were actively representing to the court and the American people that Jake was a leader, leading the charge into the Capitol. They did not disclose that footage because it ran contrary to their rote narrative.”

The outlet reported that Watkins, a 40-year-veteran attorney, told The Daily Wire he was stunned by the footage that could have been instrumental to his client’s defense.

“I’ve never seen anything so vile as what I’m seeing right now,” the attorney said. “It’s a departure from a pretty high standard they’ve maintained for a long time. Anyone who needs to have belief in the integrity of our justice system, whether they’re a left-wing New England academic or a raging right-winger, needs to say that this is really wrong and f—ing it up for everyone.”

“Looking at the news, half of it is getting mad at Tucker,” Watkins observed, asking, “What the f*** does Tucker have to do with any of this? Except that he was smart enough to get it in our faces.”


“It’s appalling,” he told the outlet. “Whether you’re right-leaning, you like Tucker Carlson, you hate Tucker Carlson, is irrelevant. This is about putting a dagger in the heart of our justice system. And the person holding the dagger and thrusting it with all its might is our Department of Justice. This required collaboration from the top of the Justice Department right down to the Assistant U.S. Attorney lying to me, a fellow officer of the court, knowing I had a duty to put my client in the best position I could based on the evidence.”

Appearing on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, Watkins confirmed he had never seen the footage prior to its release by Carlson.

In an appearance with Newsmax’s Benny Johnson, legal scholar, and law clerk to Justice Neal Gorsuch, Mike Davis said, “Judge Royce Lamberth should issue a show cause order asking why he should not find Brady violations here and sanction these attorneys and THROW OUT Jacob Chansley‘s conviction.”

As of this report, the Twitter hashtag #FreeTheShaman has begun to gather momentum.

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