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Dr. Rand Paul is a brave American patriot who defends conservative values and principles with the best of them. Representing the great state of Kentucky, Paul has fought for America ever since taking office in 2011. We appreciate his contribution to the Republican Party heading into 2023 and beyond.

Paul is especially known for his advocacy of small-government conservatism. Indeed, his father, Former Rep Ron Paul, is perhaps one of the most iconic champions of a more libertarian brand of conservative politics. Advocacy for limited government has been the basis for a great deal of Senator Paul’s rhetorical bombs, often lobbed at Dr. Anthony Fauci and like-minded bureaucrats. We cannot suffer a government to run over the citizens she is tasked with serving. A large government is unnatural and even tyrannical.

Rand Paul’s clashes with Dr. Fauci have been remarkable and revealing. Dr. Fauci frequently has no good answers to Rand Paul’s charges. Rand Paul has been both scholarly and rigorous in his attacks — calling for the firing of Biden’s public health advisor. Of course, this is all justified. Whatever you think of Dr. Fauci’s public health policies, it is hard to contest Rand Paul’s concern for freedom. America the beautiful is America the free. And mandates are not the answer moving forward — freedom is.

Dr. Fauci has no regard for human liberty. As we reported on Monday, Dr. Fauci said the following on ABC’s ‘This Week’:

“In a recent interview on ABC’s “This Week”, Dr. Anthony Fauci, the forever-controversial health advisor to President Biden, left the door open for more public health restrictions in the coming months. While the Doctor did not foresee any reason to impose new mandates, he reminded Americans that the CDC needs to maintain a certain amount of flexibility.

‘If we do see a significant surge — particularly one that might result in increased hospitalizations — we have to be prepared to pivot and reinstitute some of those [COVID] restrictions’

Americans are done with mandates. Ted Cruz got in on the action, attacking Dr. Fauci in a savage tweet. Now, Rand Paul is also coming out against Dr. Fauci’s authoritarianism. In a recent Fox News interview, Rand Paul said the following:

“It comes as a shock to no one that Dr. Fauci is misinterpreting… the data. The thing is if you believe in Dr. Fauci, what you should do immediately is go get stickers and make sure they are on the floor, and a yardstick so you know you are 6 feet away from people… Not one thing he has advocated has worked — other than the vaccine. And I am not against the vaccine. The guy is a menace.”

Rand Paul is not against the vaccine — as he admits. It is also likely that he is not against masking as an individual choice. But as far as public policies go, Americans have to move past mandates. We are done surrendering our freedoms and 2022 will signal the end of the Democrats’ authoritarian push. They have shown their hand and they will surely be voted out of power.

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