Republican Support for Trump Soars, As Many Americans View FBI Raid a Political Stunt

In the echoing voice of Donald Trump Jr.’s fiancé Kimberly Guilfoyle, it appears, “The best is yet to come!” At least that’s what polls show for Former President Donald J. Trump. A survey conducted by Politico following the shocking raid at Trump’s Mar-A-Lago property in Florida shows support in the Republican Party for him hitting new heights.

These record-setting numbers come as many within the GOP looked on in terror as a grave new precedent was set by executing an incursion into a former president’s home to score some extra political capital. Public support continued to mount for the ‘America First’ President, even amongst his most staunch enemies, when the FBI’s search yielded nothing that would merit criminal proceedings.

It also seems that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, in collaboration with the Department of Justice, have now become President Trump’s most trusty backers by seemingly locking up Trump’s support in the 2024 primary process.

The investigation, which again amounted to nothing more than a political witchhunt, seems to have out-trumped [no pun intended] any other measure President Trump or his campaign team have attempted to boost his numbers.

In fact, the same poll proves that “Roughly 3 in 5 GOP voters now say they’d vote for Trump in 2024 Primary.”

The study reportedly measured that more than 69% of Republican voters viewed the FBI raid as a “Motivation to damage his political career.”

Without a doubt, the left has weaponized federal agencies to attack their political enemies for decades and, in many cases, have been successful. However, it also made Americans less trusting of the federal government and opened their eyes to the corruption that exists within D.C. establishment.


In our previous article, we cited that “the ‘good-ole-boy buddy system [that] still exists within the top tiers of the nation’s federal agencies” is alive and well when it came to practically giving blanket immunity in regards to Hunter Biden and his ‘laptop from hell.’ However, while the intelligence communities might be covering up, they proved last Monday that they aren’t very good at fabricating evidence to incriminate a former president during their invasion of Trump’s estate.

So while President Biden’s overall approval numbers continue to flounder, Trump seems to be basking in the radiant sunlight of having the country’s top-tier law enforcement do all his campaign work for him.

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