'I Can Win': RFK Jr. Sees Stunning Rise In The Polls, Nearly Ties Biden As The President's Scandals Continue To Weigh Him Down

Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. may be feeling even more confident about his stated belief that he can emerge victorious from the 2024 Democrat primaries after a new survey found that he is virtually tied with Joe Biden in his chances of securing the party's nomination.

The findings came from Rasmussen Reports, which some consider to be a right-leaning pollster. 

Well-known conservative activist DC Draino shared a post of the results on Twitter along with a remark of his own that seemingly suggests members of the legacy media are underestimating Kennedy's influence. 

  Rasumussen head pollster Mark Mitchell notes that the sampled data includes "all likely voters," not the sum total of people who are Democrat primary voters alone. 

Kennedy notably has strong cross-party appeal, with 50% of his stated supporters in the poll identifying as registered Republicans, compared to a mere 19 percent of Democrats. Meanwhile, 62 percent of Biden's backers were Democrats, compared to just 12 percent of Republicans.

This is not the first time Kennedy has seen double-digit poll results. A Fox News poll last month put him at 19 percent, with Biden at 62 percent. In the same survey, Marianne Williamson, another Democrat running for the nomination, received nine percent of potential voters. 

Reporting on the survey's results, Fox News said that Biden's rivals "are most successful in peeling away support among women and Gen Xers, keeping Biden in the mid-fifties among both groups."

At least some members of the left-wing media are upset by Kennedy's climb in the polls. Slate, for instance, wrote of Kennedy and Williamson, "The main reason these two eccentrics have a surprising primary polling foothold against an incumbent president, then, is because they are the only two warm bodies giving it a go against a president who a supermajority of Americans believe should not run for president again."

While one is free to form their own opinions regarding the eccentricity of these two challengers of Joe Biden, it remains patently clear that a majority of Americans hope he does not see the White House a second time. As Slate itself reported, an NBC poll found that a whopping 70% of Americans, with 51% of Democrats in agreement, hope that Biden will not attempt to secure a second term. Of those respondents, 69% specifically pointed to his elderly age as a major or minor reason for why he should not run.

While speaking with Fox News on the phone last week, Kennedy discussed securing the U.S.-Mexico border, the killing of his uncle, John F. Kennedy, and how likely he is to beat Joe Biden in the primaries. 

"I can win," he reportedly said. 

"The public polls are showing me at 20% over for the Democrats, and our private polling is showing that I have very strong support among independents and even Republicans," Kennedy said.

  • Article Source: DC Enquirer
  • Photo: Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images / Getty Images
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