WATCH: Robert Kennedy Jr. Doubles Down On CIA Involvement In JFK Assassination - 'It Was A Conspiracy'

Democratic presidential primary candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has doubled down on his insistence that there was CIA involvement in the death of his uncle and former President John F. Kennedy. 

Kennedy appeared on 'Hannity' Monday where he spoke more on his belief that there is strong evidence that the CIA had a major role in the plot and untimely death of President John F. Kennedy, per Fox News. Kennedy said, “There’s millions of pages of documents; CIA documents, transcripts, of recorded conversations from the Cuban embassy in Mexico City – it’s hard to summarize the evidence.”

His interview on 'Hannity' follows an appearance on WABC 770 AM’s “Cats Roundtable” where he made similar claims, which was previously reported on by the DC Enquirer

During 'Hannity', RFK had the chance to expand upon his earlier claims and lay out more evidence behind why he believes in the conspiracy. Kennedy says one of the Warren Commission's leaders was ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles who was fired by JFK. RFK Jr. says that Dulles “insinuated himself onto the Warren Commission and essentially ran the Warren Commission and kept this evidence from the Warren Commissioners. Either way, when Congress, ten years later, investigated the crime with much more evidence than the Warren Commission had at its disposal, Congress found that, yeah, it was a plot. It was a conspiracy [and] there were multiple people involved.”

RFK talked about the personal experience he had as a kid when he witnessed the whole ordeal take place. When Jack Ruby killed Lee Harvey Oswald, the presidential candidate says that it was President Lyndon B. Johnson that broke the news to the Kennedys. 

RFK Jr. then spoke about how his father, the attorney general at the time, had investigated Jack Ruby and found mob ties, including ties to a mob leader who claimed that Ruby had been “recruited by the CIA in the Castro murder plot – so they were all working together in cahoots with the CIA.”

Kennedy Jr. recalls that his father's first instinct was that the CIA was responsible for the assassination of JFK. 

RFK Jr.'s perspective on the Kennedy assassination adds a lot of insight. Kennedy's first-hand perspective brings a new set of facts to the table and likely furthers distrust in the official story of the Kennedy assassination.

Making matters more suspect, the Biden administration has been reluctant to release the JFK files. The documents have long since been supposed to be released, but 4,300 documents are still redacted in part, with more still being redacted entirely, per NBC

It’s clear there's still information the government isn’t willing to reveal on the wrongful death of President John F. Kennedy, but the public undoubtedly deserves to know.

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